You Can Go On A Free Spring Break Trip With This Dream Job Opening

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I don't know about you, but I really, really miss college. In fact, it probably crosses my mind at least once — maybe even twice — every single day. And fortunately for all of you who are also living in the past (LOL), there's finally an available job opportunity that will actually let you relive those glorious days of kickin' it on campus. So if you want to revisit the best four years of your life, make sure you apply for EduBirdie's Glory Days Conservation Specialist job. Between you and me, my application is already on its way.

If you've never had the chance to use EduBirdie, it's essentially a platform that helps you proofread all of your academic work. Think of it like a tutor that gives your essay one last look before you hand it in (truly what everyone needs). Anyway, luckily for all of you nostalgic babes out there, the educational company just announced that they are looking to hire a Glory Days Conservation Specialist, which is explained in a job description posted to Monster on Wednesday, Jan. 30. Essentially, that person will lead EduBirdie's brand awareness campaigns, host a variety of sick events, and travel around the world, all while introducing the brand to college students around the country. Essentially, you'll be transformed back to your fun college self, and you'll get the opportunity to host the parties of your dreams. I, personally, am pretty freakin' stoked.

To give you an idea of how much you'll be traveling, you'll be visiting one to two colleges each month, and the best part is during March and April, you'll get to go to every popular spring break destination imaginable. Think: Miami, Santa Barbara, Austin... maybe even Cabo? Yes, you heard that correctly — according to the job posting, you will be hosting meet-and-greets with students during their spring vacations to recruit more ambassadors and expand your customer base. Basically, you'll be hosting some pretty lit gatherings that even the rowdiest of spring break goers will want to attend.

This job sounds like a lot of fun and games, and TBH, it is. But, it will also include a wide range benefits as well as a competitive salary, and all-expenses-paid trips to all of the different schools and spring break destinations you'll be visiting around the world, according to the brand. You'll also be given a free iPhone, as well as a professional camera, so you can document your events post to social media.

If you're thinking about applying, a Bachelor's Degree is required, and you must be at least 21 years of age. An explosive personality and willingness to work whenever, wherever is highly encouraged, and luckily, applying is pretty straightforward. Send in an essay detailing any and all ideas you have for online campaigns and campus events, according to Monster. Also note why you think you would be the best candidate to "relive your glory days." Make sure to submit it to ASAP, as they're hoping to fill the position between the end of February and mid-March 2019. Per the company, the application will likely be open until mid-March 2019.

I promise the essay application is the only academic-collegiate activity you'll be required to do for this job.

There are very few things I'd rather do than time travel back to my college days. And since time travel is not an existing mode of transportation (yet), this definitely comes close to making my dreams a reality. So, get ready to "college" and "sprang break" all over again, y'all. I'm so ready.