Each Zodiac Sign Has A Crystal That Goes With It & Here's Yours

by Rosey Baker

We all know that every zodiac sign has a set of characteristics to accompany it. Scorpios are mysterious, Virgos are efficient, and the list goes on. But did you know each zodiac sign has a crystal that represents those qualities, and that can protect your zodiac sign from becoming your own worst enemy? This might sound like the intro to an infomercial, but blame that on my writing skills and stick with me, here. There is some life changing info I'm about to impart to you, my friend. (Can I call you my friend?)

To balance out every positive quality of each zodiac sign, there's a negative one because, hello? Circle of life. Thank goodness there's a healing crystal to balance out these negative and positive life forces, so we can live in harmony with ourselves, or at least be comfortable in our own skin. Even if crystals are, for some reason, where you draw a hard line in the sand when it comes to new age fun, you can always rest assured that crystals, honestly, make for some fantastic apartment decor. So when your spiritual-shaming skeptic friends come over and start making fun of your quartz water bottle (ugh, I made this up but I wish I had a quartz water bottle), you can tell them, "I just like how sparkly it is! Lay off, Gina!"

Here's the spiritual crystal (there are several, but I've chosen the ones that are most balancing) to go along with your zodiac sign.

Aries: Bloodstone

Aries suffers from anger management, competitiveness stemming from a lack of self-worth, and a gigantic ego they cannot control. They want to be number one or they'll refuse to participate. Bloodstone is used for dispelling negativity. It's also good for realigning the energy between your gut, where fear resides, and your heart, where compassion resides. Balancing these two chakras allows Aries to enjoy that drive to compete, and allows them to do so as a team player.

Taurus: Rose Quartz

Taurus suffers from a paralyzing resistance to change, and from their own tendency to sticking to what's traditionally secure, instead of paving their own way in the world. They also tend to get addicted to material comforts. Rose quartz is a crystal that is used to heal the heart from emotional pain and disappointment. These are emotions that can lead to habitually sticking to what's safe.

Gemini: Citrine

Geminis have trouble being alone, sticking to one thing, and finishing any one project before moving on to another. They also tend to run off at the mouth a lot, so they could benefit from citrine's healing ability to inspire decisiveness and direct personal power in an effective way.

Cancer: Moonstone

Cancer is, like its personal planet (the moon), a moody sign. Cancers have trouble feeling at home in themselves, in their bodies, and in the world. They suffer from a lot of family dysfunction, especially with their mothers. Moonstone carries with it a powerful healing feminine energy that encourages compassion for oneself and forgiveness for others.

Leo: Black Onyx

Leo has a constant need for approval, for attention, and has an addiction to drama and intensity. They also believe they must always be performing for others. Black onyx is a powerful stone for emotional and physical stamina that is lost by the constant performance anxiety. It also helps balance energy during times of stress or times of emotional confusion.

Virgo: Peridot

Virgos have a debilitating perfectionist streak. They also suffer from health problems that are most likely brought on by anxiety about other people's opinions. Peridot is a stone of transformation, one that opens a person up to receiving abundance from the universe, and helps release habitual negative patterns.

Libra: Pink Tourmaline

Libra people suffer from codependency, and from a paralyzing inability to make a decision. They're extremely uncomfortable with confrontation because they rely on outward peace for their inner state of mind. Pink Tourmaline is a crystal that brings about inner peace by allowing the person who holds it to let go of extreme ways of thinking. This will help Libra stay calm, no matter what their outside circumstances look like, and will help them to think more independently.

Scorpio: Yellow Topaz

Scorpios are known as the most sexual sign, and have a tendency to shut down their sexual urges in unhealthy ways. They can be obsessive, manipulatively secretive, and struggle with jealousy and obsession. Yellow topaz activates the base chakra, strengthening one's sense of personal willpower and personal worth.

Sagittarius: Ruby

Sagittarius has a fear of commitment that manifests in a disruptive tendency to run away and live a more nomadic lifestyle. They become bored easily and can run to the next exciting thing, unhappy with what they have. Ruby is a stone that increases passion within relationships, and has protective qualities that allows a Sagittarius to blaze their trail safely.

Capricorn: Tiger's Eye

Capricorns are career obsessed, often using their ambition as a way to avoid intimacy or interpersonal relationships. They also may have familial dysfunction, trying to gain the approval of their father, or of society at large. Tiger's eye dispels anxiety and fear, allowing the owner to make decisions that are not influenced by their emotions without shutting those emotions down.

Aquarius: Hematite

Aquarians are rebels to a fault; they have a need to stand out because they are terrified of finding out that in fact, they are just as deluded as the rest of us. Hematite helps to bolster self-esteem by allowing the holder to see themselves more clearly, getting rid of all the negative beliefs that cloud their ability to see themselves for who they are.

Pisces: Aquamarine

Pisces are escapists with a deep fear of asserting boundaries. They suffer from emotional disorders, as well as addiction, due to their extreme sensitivity. Aquamarine helps to soothe tumultuous emotions, and to inspire the holder to accept the truth by sweeping away the delusions that cloud their vision of reality.