Dunkaroos are coming back in summer 2020 for a '90s treat.

Dunkaroos Are Coming Back To Stores & The '90s Kid In Me Cannot Breathe

by Daffany Chan

Get ready for the return of one of the '90s most popular treats. Mark your calendars, because Dunkaroos are coming back in summer 2020, and you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to stock up on the nostalgic snack. It's about to be a total throwback for '90s kids to relive the good ol' days.

Dunkaroos confirmed the return of the beloved snack in a Feb. 3 Instagram post, featuring a video compilation with different scenes and fashions from the '90s. The post is captioned, "Definitely coming back. Summer 2020." This summer's comeback will feature the most requested Dunkaroos flavor from fans: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Fans are stoked about the good news, sharing their reactions on Dunkaroos' Instagram post. User @revision_vision_ wrote, "I hope all of my fun childhood memories come flooded back the second that frosting hits my pallet!" while user @azmomma_85 shared, "Thank you for listening to all of us 90’s kids cry about how much we missed this!"

The beloved cookies-and-cream snacks were introduced in 1992 and were discontinued in the United States in 2012. During the eight-year hiatus, fans petitioned General Mill to relaunch the treats. Even Chrissy Tiegen missed Dunkaroos so much that she tried to buy them on Amazon, sharing her experience on Twitter in 2019, "If you try to buy Dunkaroos on Amazon, you can only get Kadunks (still buying)." Kim Kardashian also expressed wishes to bring Dunkaroos back in a 2018 Twitter post, commenting, "Obsessed with Dunkaroos. Please come back!"

There was so much buzz about the return of Dunkaroos in 2018 after a viral Twitter post spread on the internet stated it would take 150,000 retweets for General Mills to bring back Dunkaroos. The tweet, however, turned out to be a hoax, with General Mills pointing out the image as a Photoshop fake. The tweet still racked up over 180,000 retweets, highlighting fans' persistence to get Dunkaroos back on shelves.

It looks after years of pleading, General Mills is finally making every '90s kids' dream come true with the revival of Dunkaroos.