You'll Wanna Copy Dua Lipa's Beauty Routine If You Ever Have Dry Skin

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Dua Lipa has only been getting more and more famous with each new single she drops. With a near-constant stream of iconic fashion and makeup looks in photo shoots, videos, and on Instagram, the 24-year-old clearly isn’t afraid of being bold. But as daring as the trends she wears are, her makeup also always has a flawless, natural side to it. Involving cool hacks and a focus on skincare, Lipa’s beauty routine is perfect to shake up your own skincare routine. Although her makeup styles vary for photoshoots, tour, being on stage, and during her breaks, overall, there is plenty of wisdom in her beauty habits you can easily bring into your repertoire.

“I try not to wear makeup on the days I don’t have to,” Lipa told in September 2019. Because she travels so much, she likes to give her skin a chance to breathe, and she’s always equipped with a plethora of skincare. To keep her skin feeling fresh, Lipa told she always travels with “eye cream, face cream, face mist, oils — just anything to keep my skin moisturized.” To begin her days anywhere across the globe, Lipa’s morning routine features “a shower, then cream cleanser, vitamin-B serum, hydrating cream, and SPF.”

If she’s wearing makeup that day, Lipa likes to keep the process quick, telling, “It takes 15 minutes max. I stick to foundation or concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, and bronzer, and then I’m out the door.” According to, Glossier’s Birthday Balm DotCom ($12, Glossier) and Yves Satin Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils ($29, Sephora) are some of the popstar’s favorite makeup products. She’s also a fan of a glittery lip gloss or, in fall weather, a dark lip. When she wants to glam up her look, Lipa said, “I love lashes, so individual lashes are my thing — the more the merrier, the fluffier the better.”

The star even has a slightly weird, but solid beauty hack up her sleeve that involves a toothbrush — well, multiple toothbrushes. “I use a toothbrush on my lips as a lip scrub, occasionally I use a toothbrush with some dark eyeshadow on my eyebrows if I want to fill them in. And, if I want a really thick, textured look with mascara, I put one on my lashes as well,” she told Scrubbing your lips with the tool you use to brush your teeth not only buffs away dead skin but will make your lips look plumper, Lipa claimed.

Oh, and the British singer never goes to bed with makeup on her face; instead, she religiously uses Pai’s Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil ($56, Pai), an Esse Probiotic Serum ($127, Esse), and an Esse face cream, although she doesn’t specify which one. “I’ll also use an oil, sometimes a homemade one, because my skin gets really dry the next morning if I don’t,” Lipa told

Lipa’s glass-like, smooth skin is enviable but luckily achievable. If you’re looking to model your complexion after the pop sensation's, you may have to set your alarm a few minutes earlier in the morning, but the results are definitely worth it.