These New Rosé Berries Will Remind You Of Your Fave Pink Drink

Courtesy of Driscoll's

It's officially rosé season, everyone! Whether you're sipping on pink wine during happy hour or eating rosé-flavored pastries during dessert, it's the perfect time to enjoy its sweet taste and blush hue. Throughout the past few years, there have been tons of rosé-flavored goodies on the market (like rosé-flavored gummy bears, lollipops, and more). However, I bet you never expected rosé-flavored fruit to be a thing (same). Contrary to belief, Driscoll's new Rosé Berries are here — and they were inspired by your favorite pink drink.

I'm not kidding: Driscoll's, a berry company known for its fresh fruit selections, announced two new rosé-inspired berries on June 12 that'll pair perfectly with your wine. They're called Rosé Strawberries and Rosé Raspberries, and each of 'em was curated to mimic your beloved rosé. Before I get into detail about each selection, let me get this out of the way: No, Driscoll's new Rosé Berries aren't alcoholic. Therefore, you will not get a buzz from your fruit bowl, unless you pair your fruity snack with an actual glass rosé.

I'm sorry if you were hoping for boozy berries — but according to Driscoll's, these berries will remind you of your go-to pink drink with each and every bite.

Courtesy of Driscoll's

I'll start with Driscoll's new Rosé Strawberries, because it seems like they're the closest you'll get to an actual glass of wine (without the booze, of course). According to a press release emailed to Elite Daily, the Rosé Strawberries were curated to mimic rosé with "peachy" flavors and a floral finish. Plus, the strawberries' light pink color mimics the hue of rosé perfectly. TBH, I wouldn't mind garnishing my rosé glass with 'em during happy hour.

Rosé Strawberries aren't the only wine-inspired fruits that Driscoll's released. According to the company's press release, it also released Rosé Raspberries that are sweet (like rosé). Similar to the Rosé Strawberries, the Rosé Raspberries have a blush hue that's similar to a glass of pink wine. Apparently, the color came from the combination of red and golden raspberries (aka Rosé Raspberries' "parents").

Courtesy of Driscoll's

Now, you're probably wondering how these berries got their rosé-like taste and hue (I was wondering the same thing). Apparently, you can thank Driscoll's team of "Joy Makers" for that. According to the company's press release, Joy Makers consist of professional plant health scientists, breeders, sensory analysts and more that work toward breeding GMO-free berries for you to enjoy (like Rosé Berries).

In addition to Rosé Berries, Driscoll's also introduced its Sweetest Batch, which features "high-flavor" strawberries and raspberries (yum). Naomi Sakoda, Driscoll’s product marketing manager, talked about both berry selections in a press release, and said,

With Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch, we’ve introduced a premium new product that offers a depth of flavor variety remarkably different than anything else in the category. Our team has worked tirelessly to offer the flavor-forward, highly enjoyable berries consumers have come to expect from Driscoll’s.

If you're wanting to add Driscoll's Sweetest Batch or Rosé Berries to your next grocery haul, locate your nearest supermarket that's selling them. It appears the fruits are available at participating Whole Foods locations in Northern California and through FreshDirect and Baldor Foods on the East Coast. In order to find a location convenient for you, head to the company's webpage for the berries and hit "Find Them Near You." Then, you can select the nearest grocer and order up.