This Is Us

Dr. K's "Blue Skies" Song On The 'This Is Us' Season 4 Finale Will Make You Cry Fat Tears

by Ani Bundel

When This Is Us premiered back in 2016, the first season focused heavily on the early days of Jack and Rebecca's time as parents: the run-up to the birth of their triplets, the loss of their son Kyle, and Randall's adoption. It also featured their OB-GYN, Dr. K. Since then, the show has drifted away from that era and their doctor. But he returned in the Season 4 finale, and Dr. K's "Blue Skies" song on This Is Us was just the moment fans needed. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us follow.

Technically, the action in the This Is Us Season 4 finale was driven by Baby Jack's first birthday in the present. But milestones like that echo across the decades, and brought around Rebecca and Jack's first landmark year with their three children. But before the party was over, Rebecca had retreated to her room in tears. As much as she loves her three children, she's never allowed herself to grieve for Kyle. She doesn't know what to do with all these feelings on a day where she's supposed to be happy for the ones she has.

Jack's response is to pack up the family and take a trip back to Dr. K. Though the show has long left the character behind, for this era of the couple, Dr. K. is still someone who they see on a semi-regular basis during the post-pregnancy wrap-up.

Still, Dr. K. seems a bit surprised to see them, and a bit at a loss to dispense wisdom to a family who should be moving on from him. He admits as much: "Did I give the lemon speech?" Yes, doc, sorry, you'll need another one.

But Dr. K. digs deep and pulls out a stunner. He talks about how we all move on from grief, but only if we allow ourselves to process it. He talks about losing his own child and how he sang "Blue Skies" to that unborn baby, and for so long after, he couldn't sing it again. It wasn't until his daughter was born, and survived, that he could face the song again. It became their first dance at his daughter's wedding.

After Jack and Rebecca leave, they go home and finally allow themselves to grieve and move on from this emotional time. Meanwhile, Dr. K. finds himself sitting alone in his office, singing to himself. "Blue skies....smiling at me...."