Don't Miss Out On These 41 Clever Things Skyrocketing In Popularity

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Every once in awhile, a product comes along and you just know it's going to become a major hit. Credit some combination of usefulness and innovation — but you're not going to want to miss out on these clever things skyrocketing in popularity. Because the only thing better than getting hip to a great purchase is being one of the first to discover a great product (and to then be able to brag about your find to family and friends).

This list of genius products is random, but all of the items share that one important quality: they are so impressive that customers can't stop raving about them and giving them high ratings.

And a lot of these smart and practical products think outside of the box for clever solutions to common problems. A book holder that doubles as a travel pillow. A citrus juicer that offers three pulp options to suit every taste. A portable stove you can take (and use) anywhere. And this list is packed with other products that do everything from remove calluses to poach perfect eggs in minutes.

Get in on the ground floor with these products and see why they're about to become the next big thing.

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