Don't Miss Out On These 40 Clever Things Skyrocketing In Popularity

by Lisa Fogarty

Every once in awhile, a product comes along and you just know it's going to become a major hit. Credit some combination of usefulness and innovation — but you're not going to want to miss out on these clever things skyrocketing in popularity. Because the only thing better than getting hip to a great purchase is being one of the first to discover a great product (and to then be able to brag about your find to family and friends).

This list of genius products is random, but all of the items share that one important quality: they are so impressive that customers can't stop raving about them and giving them high ratings.

And a lot of these smart and practical products think outside of the box for clever solutions to common problems. A book holder that doubles as a travel pillow. A citrus juicer that offers three pulp options to suit every taste. A portable stove you can take (and use) anywhere. And this list is packed with other products that do everything from remove calluses to poach perfect eggs in minutes.

Get in on the ground floor with these products and see why they're about to become the next big thing.

A Book Holder For Hands-Free Reading Sessions

Enjoy that amazing book while you're cradling a cup of coffee or glass of wine with this book holder, which provides a way to engage in hands-free reading sessions. The holder can be positioned to hold your book in place — but it also doubles as a comfortable travel pillow.

These Heel Protectors That Keep You From Sinking Into Grass

Got a garden party or outdoor wedding coming up? Protect your shoes and stop yourself from sinking into the grass (which is so annoying — and can ruin your shoes) with these adorable and useful heel protectors. The protectors fit most heels to provide a stable and secure wide base.

This Portable Stove For Hot Meals Wherever You Roam

Take this 12-volt portable stove with you anywhere you go — it warms up pre-cooked foods like soup, stews, and rice and reaches a maximum temperature of 300 degrees. The stove is easy to clean and folds into a compact carrying case with a handle. One reviewer writes: "Never have cold breakfast, lunch, or dinner even again! Usually takes 20-40min to warm or cook your food! 30-40min comes out popping HOT!"

These Toe Protectors That Wrap Around Your Bed And Prevent Stubbed Toes

If you can count on more then two hands the number of times you've stubbed your toe while making your bed — but figured it's just par for the course — these toe protectors are here to save you from ever suffering from that fate again. This set of four protectors wrap around the wheel or leg of your bed, but are completely inconspicuous so you won't even notice they are there.

An Anti-Slip Set Of Furniture Grippers That Won't Leave Marks On Floors

Protect expensive hardwood floors (and all other hard floors) from scuff marks left behind when you move and adjust your furniture with this set of furniture grippers. The grippers are pre-cut in a variety of sizes and stay put with adhesive strips that won't do any damage.

These Anti-Sweat Pads That Keep Your Underarms Dry As A Bone

Fight chronic conditions like hyperhidrosis and keep away unwanted sweat by applying these underarm sweat pads when you need them. The pack of 80 disposable pads are transparent and adhere to your skin so that they absorb moisture and sweat throughout the day. Reviewers say the pads are thin and comfortable, too.

This Smart Little Organizer Tray For Your Kitchen Drawer

Organize cutlery, utensils, and other knick-knacks in this nifty little organizer tray for kitchen drawers. The tray features twin gadget compartments, a large utensil compartment, and convenient stacked compartments for cutlery. There's a non-slip grip on the bottom so it won't move around, either.

A Soothing Body Brush With Silicone Bristles

Give your entire body — including hard-to-reach spots — a soothing, exfoliating treatment when you wash up with this body brush, which features an ultra-long handle that won't bend. The double-sided brush has soft silicone scrub bristles to stimulate circulation and clean your whole body down — but the other side has massage dots for a relaxing shower experience.

These Gripper Pads That Keep Area Rugs From Slipping

Keep kids, pets, and yourself from slipping and falling on area rugs by applying these gripper pads, which come eight in a pack, to the edges and corners of rugs. The double-sided self-adhesive grippers keep rugs from curling, and their 3M tape won't damage floors.

An Eco-Friendly Stand That Has Storage

Never strain your neck and shoulders again — mount your desktop or laptop computer, your printer, or your TV on top of this eco-friendly bamboo computer stand. It also has space beneath it for your keyboard, mouse, and notebooks, and the sturdy stand features a cup holder and storage compartments for phones, pens, and other accessories. The rounded edges ensure you'll never accidentally hurt yourself on it, too.

The Under-The-Sink Mat That Absorbs Spills

If there's a drawer in your kitchen that is most likely to suffer from spills, it's the one directly under your sink. This under-the-sink mat protects wood and other surfaces and is completely waterproof and absorbent. The washable and reusable mat is fairly large, but you can cut it to fit any cabinet.

An Adjustable Citrus Juicer That Lets You Control How Much Pulp You Produce

Everyone has their own pulp preferences when it comes to orange juice — a fact that this citrus juicer addresses by offering three pulp control settings with low, medium, and high options. It has an extra-long spout that fits more glasses and prevents messy spills on your counter. It auto-reverses for a faster experience that produces more juice, too.

This Healing Foot Balm For Cracked Skin And Calluses

No matter what your feet throw at you — calluses, psoriasis, or rough and dry patches — this nourishing foot balm moisturizes, repairs, and heals like no other cream. The balm is made with cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, grape seed, almond, and lavender oils, and is vegan and free of parabens and gluten. It's also antibacterial and anti-fungal, too, so it can even help with athlete's foot.

These Anti-Skid Yoga Socks With Wisely Placed Grips

These breathable cotton ankle yoga socks — which come four in a pack — feature well-placed anti-skid grips along the heel and soles, which means no more slipping and sliding in yoga, dance, and Pilates class (or just in your own home). They come in a variety of colors like black, pink, purple, and grey.

The Rechargeable Night Light With Five Light Modes

Hang this LED night light out on your patio or take it with you camping — either way, you'll love how it offers adjustable dimming options and five lighting modes: high, middle, low, fast, or strobe. Charge it with a USB cable and it lasts between six to 20 hours.

These Space-Saving Shoe Racks That Give You Back Your Closet

Save major space in your closet with these shoe storage units. Each unit holds one pair of shoes and is compatible with heels, sneakers, or sandals. The set come with six shoe organizers.

The Immune System-Boosting Tea That Helps Keep Colds At Bay

The minute you feel a cold coming on, stop everything and brew yourself a cup of this delicious tea, which has ingredients that boost your immune system. You'll find an abundance of vitamin C in this tea, as well as a proprietary blend of echinacea, green tea, lemongrass, and more. One reviewer writes: "Oh wow! This tea was beyond amazing! I felt so awful with a sore throat and runny nose, and this tea helped soothe me. I prefer to use more natural remedies and this was perfect. After drinking this tea for about two days I felt so much better and energized."

The Perfect Potato Bag That Cooks Spuds In Four Minutes

This microwaveable potato bag creates a steam pocket that cooks potatoes perfectly each time in just four minutes. The reusable bag can be washed and reused — and best of all, it works just as well with foods like corn, bread, and tortillas.

This Flip Flop Organizer That Can Be Attached Over Your Door

Attach this flip flop organizer over your door and use it to store up to nine pairs of your favorite summer shoes. Each of the flip flop hanger hooks is adjustable. If you prefer not to display your shoes on your door, the organizer works equally as well on a common hanger in your closet.

An Affordable Solution For Slippery Stairs

Sometimes the smartest solutions are also the cheapest — like this non-slip stair tape, which adheres effortlessly to indoor and outdoor steps and provides traction to keep you from slipping. The tape comes in three widths and four colors: black, brown, glow, and semi-clear.

The Ultimate Blackhead-Removing Facial Steamer

Banish breakouts and stubborn blackheads with the help of this facial steamer, which provides 30 minutes of continuous pore-opening and cleansing. The system comes with five blackhead and pimple extractor tools and doubles as a room humidifier in between DIY spa treatments. Best of all, it can even be used to help your moisturizers and serums absorb into the skin better.

A Microwave Bacon Cooker For Crisp Bacon Without Grease

Enjoy the bacon dream — grease-less bacon slices that are crisp and cook in minutes — when you use this microwave bacon cooker. The gadget cooks up to six slices of bacon at one time, and works in just four minutes. It can also handle cooking eggs, ramen noodles, and macaroni and cheese.

This Hanging Shower Caddy For Shampoo And Soap

Hang this shower caddy from your shower door or spout for an easy way to keep your bathroom organized. It stays firmly in place, holds bottles of shampoo, soap, and shaving tools, and features an integrated drainage system that prevents nasty mold and mildew build-up. The caddy comes in three colors: white, grey, and surf blue.

The Salad Spinner That Collapses For Simple Storage

Clean and spin dry salad in a flash with this salad spinner, a 3-quart bowl and basket which has a secret power: it collapses completely flat for simple storage. Spin your salad in the basket, serve it in the outer bowl, and toss everything in the dishwasher — it's that simple.

An Effective Mold And Mildew Cleaner For Spotless Bathrooms

Remove stubborn mold and mildew from bathroom tile and grout in just 15 seconds with this powerful mold and mildew remover spray. The spray actually gets rid of mold stains without scrubbing — and it works on other surfaces like wood, concrete, vinyl, and siding.

This Backpack That Folds Up Into A Small Square

One of the lightest backpacks you'll ever own, this waterproof option is as perfect for outdoor adventures as it is for class. It's made from tear-resistant nylon, comes in 13 colors, and folds up into the smallest, most portable square that you can fit in your pocket. It's especially useful for traveling home with all those souvenirs.

A Wearable Acupressure Device That Relieves Headaches And Migraines

There are ways you can relieve headache and migraine pain that have nothing to do with popping a pill. Apply this acupressure device to your hand, and it actually touches upon an acupressure point in your body that can relieve painful tension in your head. The pocket-size tool comes in three colors — and can be worn at any time of the day or night.

These Protective Finger Cots That Prevent Skin Irritation

Prevent skin irritation from conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis, and finger arthritis with these supportive and protective finger cots. The cots are washable and reusable and come in three sizes, but can be cut and adjusted to fit your fingers. They come in beige and white.

This Light-Up Vanity Mirror With Magnification Options

Flawless makeup is just one mirror away — this LED light trifold mirror is perfect for travel and it boasts three types of magnification, so you can really zoom in on that cat eye. The mirror has 21 bright LED lights that illuminate every inch of your face (perfect for brow grooming) and three panels with a touchscreen option for adjusting its brightness.

An Egg Poacher For Perfectly Cooked Eggs

Getting perfectly poached eggs requires a lot of trial and error, unless you own this egg poacher duo — they're heat-resistant silicone gadgets that create the ideal water bath to cook great poached eggs any time you want them. The funnel shape retains the shape of your egg, and the poachers are both dishwasher-safe and collapsible for simple storage.

These Protective Heel Pads That Relieve Pain And Tension

Protect your heels and relieve tension and pain in your feet when you walk with the help of these heel protectors. The self-adhesive pads come six in a packet in a variety of colors — stick them straight on the inside of your shoes and they will reduce friction when you walk, dance, and run.

This Mesh Grease Splatter Screen That Keeps Kitchens Clean

This 13-inch splatter guard fits on top of your pots, pans, and frying pans to keep grease and oil from shooting up and around — and making cabinets, counters, and stovetops greasy. Made from quality stainless steel, the guard doubles as a strainer, cooling rack, or steamer, so you'll find yourself pulling this out on a daily basis.

An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Tea Box With An Expandable Drawer

Organize your favorite teas in this eco-friendly and sustainable tea box, which boasts eight storage sections and can hold 120 of your favorite bags. The box features a convenient expandable drawer for storing tea spoons and other small accessories — and the windowed lid locks in place to keep moisture out.

A Collapsible Laundry Basket That Saves Space In Cramped Laundry Rooms

If you have a laundry room that's already cramped, the last thing you need to do is add cumbersome accessories to the mix. This large, collapsible laundry basket carries 40 liters worth of clothing and is made from durable plastic. But then it also saves major space by collapsing from 10.5 inches to just 3 inches. It comes in blue and white, grey, or red.

The Handheld Deep Tissue Massager With Five Interchangeable Nodes

Give your aching muscles a deep tissue massage anytime you need one with this simple-to-use handheld deep tissue massager. The device comes with five interchangeable massage heads that target different areas of your body and provide a variety of sensations. The cordless device has a rechargeable battery and runs for 140 minutes before requiring another charge.

These Toe Spreaders For Fast Relief From Hammertoes And Bunions

Wear these toe spreaders and separators to find fast relief from bunions and hammertoes. The set of two separators are made from latex-free rubber and come in two sizes: small and large. Wear them while you're doing yoga or around the house at night to "train" your toes to separate naturally.

An Invigorating Massage Courtesy Of Portable Lacrosse Balls

Sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective — like these massage balls, which loosen tight muscle knots and tension in your body. Place them under your back, legs, or wherever you need them and use your body weight for a really therapeutic massage that can be achieved anywhere. They come two in a pack in three different color options.

A Lash And Brow Growth Serum With Stellar Reviews

With so many similar products on the market, an eyelash serum really is only as good as its reviews — and this formula has won customers over. The serum, which can also be used on eyebrows, boasts ingredients like vitamin E and natural ingredients derived from herbs. One reviewer writes: "After 3 weeks of applying this serum, I noticed that my eyelashes had grown significantly, and after a month and a half they became healthy, darker, more resilient and shiny."

This Knife Organizer That Fits In Your Drawer

Traditional knife blocks sit upright on your counter and take up space, but this unique knife organizer slides right into drawers and can hold up to 15 knives. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, it's easy to clean and fits in most standard drawers.

An Exfoliating Peel For Baby-Soft Feet

Wear these exfoliating foot booties at night for about an hour and prepare for seriously soft feet. Filled with plant-based extracts and alpha hydroxy acids, the foot peel slowly sloughs away dead skin cells and calluses, leaving you with baby-smooth feet in about one to two weeks (patience will pay off). The skin will peel off, revealing the softer skin underneath.

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