Dolls Kill Just Dropped A Care Bears Collection & My Inner Child Is YELLING

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

Feeling nostalgic? Miss the simplicity and ease of being a child? Embrace your wistfulness with Dolls Kill's Care Bear collection. The clothing brand's collab with the iconic '80s cartoon will make you feel like you're watching a VHS tape with your favorite bears all over again. Available on Feb. 13, the collection is filled with over-the-top pastel items, countless Care Bears motifs, and so much more.

If "Care Bears" only brings to mind an image of the plush bears and not much else, let me remind you that each adorable bear featured a special "belly badge" that represents its personality — something you'll be reminded of in all the collection's pieces. Dolls Kill captures all the coziness of the Care Bears with plush styles, soft pastels, and a certain level of sexiness definitely not seen in Care-A-Lot. (Yes, that's the name of their home.)

The looks include tank tops, pajama shorts, hair clips, scrunchies, overalls, backpacks, adorable dresses, and so much more. Whether you want a new backpack you can hug for comfort, a skirt-and-shirt set that will put you over the rainbow with joy, or just a simple set of Care Bears underwear, Dolls Kill is ready to meet your every request. The collection includes straight adult sizes, as well as plus-sizes up to 3X, and is available on the Dolls Kill website. Check out some of the pieces below.

These adorable pink pinafore dresses are a super easy way to add color to your outfit. Overalls go with everything, and the soft pink material will bring an extra delicate edge to your look. Though lacking a belly badge, the sweet Care Bear face will fuel your nostalgia just the same.

These pastel, color-blocked shorts will not only have you totally ready for spring, but the peek-a-boo bear on the back pocket adds another level of cheekiness — literally.

Who doesn't love platform heels? They give you all the height and don't make you want to saw off your feet after wearing them for a day. Add a soft pink color and a dainty buckle, and all you need for the perfect shoe is that smiling Care Bear face on the front.

If you love each Care Bear personally, Dolls Kill's collection also features these hair clips, sold in sets of three, with multiple Care Bears. With Grumpy Bear, Share Bear, and Cheer Bear, you can celebrate what makes you different with each of the characters.

This Total Happiness Rules tank is just one of the many Care Bear-inspired tops available. The feathers are as soft as Care-A-Lot's clouds and bring a trendy element to an otherwise cute tank.

These flared pants with a repeating Care Bear scene will truly have you living your best vintage life. The light, mesh fabric is perfect for hot summer days, but still wearable year 'round, so you'll be hopping rainbows soon enough.

With so much more available on the brand's website, you'll be headed to Care-A-Lot before you even know it.