You Can Score A $177 Round-Trip Ticket To Austin With This Site's Weekend Warriors Deals

If you know me at all, you're probably somewhat aware of my weakness for a good flight deal. A lot of the time, the most economical flights leave and return midweek, which isn't always — well — convenient for a working woman like myself. However, if you don't like taking time off work, you'll be happy to know that popular discount flight service Dollar Flight Club (DFC) recently released a new feature that shows all available discounts for domestic weekend trips. So, if you're looking to skip out of town just for the weekend, Dollar Flight Club's Weekend Warriors Deals are kind of unreal.

Any longtime DFC subscriber knows that the online service works to find any cheap flights convenient for you, regardless of the day. But now, the online service is coming in clutch by introducing a new Weekend Warrior Domestic Flight Deals feature for Premium subscribers. You can become a Premium member with the 7-day free trial, and then you can pay $3.33 per month (about $40 per year) to get the weekend deals (and other super cheap flight deals) all year long.

According to Jesse Neugarten, Founder at Dollar Flight Club, the new Weekend Warriors feature means DFC will send Premium Subscribers a full round-up of convenient and cheap weekend trips once per week. These flights are domestic, and they will exclusively depart on Thursday or Friday, with return flights on Sunday or Monday. Per DFC, you'll save up to $250 per ticket, and you won't have to sacrifice too many of those beloved PTO days to do so.

You're probably wondering, "How does DFC even manage to find these affordable AF weekend trips?" Let me fill you guys in. According to Neugarten, the online subscription service uses good ol' technology, "historical data" (which is basically using past flight deals to predict future deals), and a full team of expert flight finders to seek out these absurdly affordable domestic flights. That's right, y'all — it takes a full team of employees to scout out these things. And while you could probably manage to find relatively inexpensive weekend trips on your own, it's pretty darn convenient when DFC does all the work for you. No sleuthing or in-depth research required.

The best part of all this, however, is the fact that these flights will be extra cheap if you happen to have some airline miles saved up. Per Neugarten, most travelers do not have enough points to travel to Europe with your friends or family, but many flyers that save up points probably have enough to use toward a round-trip domestic flight. And since you are only going to be leaving for the weekend, staying stateside is probably ideal.

This feature rolled out in the U.S. on Tuesday, May 21, and it will eventually roll out to subscribers based in other countries. According to Neugarten, Weekend Warriors deals will be in your inbox the day after you subscribe. If you're already a Premium member, you'll see the deals in your inbox every Thursday morning. And whether you decide to fly round-trip from Los Angeles to Austin for $177, from New York City to West Palm Beach for $207, or from New York City to San Francisco for $267 is entirely up to you... just remember to send me a postcard, got it?

In my eyes, flying affordably is always ideal. But, having to take a significant amount of time off work isn't always responsible. So, you could probably imagine how excited I am about DFC's Weekend Warriors deals, allowing you to see discounted domestic trips leaving from an airport near you. You (and your boss!) will definitely thank me later.