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Dollar Flight Club's Newest Feature Includes Deals On First-Class Fares

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Although I'm all for flying economy when traveling stateside, I think most travelers would agree that business and first-class tickets are definitely preferable for a long-haul flight. If you're all about Kardashian-level accommodations but not all about high flight costs (I mean, who is?), you'll definitely want to check out Dollar Flight Club's Premium Plus+ flight deals, which recently launched from the flight aggregation company. The new feature saves travelers an average of $3,000 per flight, which means you can travel in luxury at just a fraction of the cost.

As someone who loves to travel and constantly keeps an eye out for travel deals, Dollar Flight Club is a lifesaver. It works by doing all the hard work of combing through flight sales and airlines' offerings, analyzing the savings to determine how good of a deal you're getting, and sending the findings straight to your inbox. The company also tells you approximately how long you have to book before prices go up, which is a good indicator of how soon you should act on your purchase. While I've really valued the savings on economy flights all over the world, which are usually over 50% off regular fares, I was pretty pumped when I saw that as of Nov. 1, Dollar Flight Club is now bringing the savings to business and first-class flights with its Premium Plus+ service.

Unfortunately, there are not really a lot of flight aggregation services out there that share information on when business or first-class flights are on sale. Again, I'm all about compromising comfort for a cheap domestic flight, but I'd definitely be willing to pay slightly more to fly international with all the perks and luxury you'd get from more premium classes.

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According to press materials, you'll be getting up to 60% off normal fares for an average of $3,000 in savings per flight on business and first-class deals, which is honestly a total steal. While the feature will only be available for flights departing out of the United States for the time being, the company plans to roll it out for other countries in the near future.

Courtesy of Dollar Flight Club

While Premium Plus+ Memberships cost $99 per year, a good way of looking at it is that it'll play for itself over 20 times when you book just one flight, according to the release. In short, if you're going to use it at least once, the service apparently pays for itself. And, with your membership, you'll be getting email and text notifications letting you know when there are really good international deals to consider, discounted access Mobile Passport Plus+ (which streamlines your process at Customs and Border Patrol while traveling), plus all the perks you'd get with Dollar Flight Club's current Premium Membership (which is $69 per year).

Again, Premium Plus+ is available right now, so whether you're planning one big trip this year where you'd love to grab business or first-class tickets for you and your travel companion or you fly them already and you just want to save money and time, I'd recommend checking it out and weighing whether it makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

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