Round-Trip Flights To Costa Rica Are 50% Off, So Start Packing

One of my favorite pastimes is planning vacations, but deciding on the vibe can be tricky. Do I want to be actively hiking and surrounded by trees, gorgeous landscapes, and an abundance of wildlife? Or, would I rather be relaxing on a sandy beach with an ocean of bright blue water crashing at my toes? Luckily, you won't have to decide between one type of vacation or the other, because Dollar Flight Club's Aug. 1 deals to Costa Rica will bring you on a trip that combines the best of both worlds on the cheap.

According to an email from Dollar Flight Club (DFC), round-trip airfare from the United States to San Jose, Costa Rica would usually come out to about $675 on average... woof. But DFC's Aug. 1 deals just about cut that price in half, saving you as much as $414. The dates for this unusually cheap excursion leave between August 2019 and May 2020, and departure locations vary. Keep in mind that airfare is rarely discounted — especially international airfare — so it goes without saying that being able to pay only about $261 for a roundtrip flight to South America is major.

Keep in mind that the prices listed are accurate as of publication, and will continue to increase over the next 24 hours. Also, prices will vary based on when you book your trip, when you depart, and where you depart from. Don't overthink it, though — you're well on your way towards a week in paradise.

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Airfare from the East Coast is incredibly cheap, so if I were you, I'd book those PTO days ASAP. If you're leaving from the Empire State, you can depart from Buffalo, New York for $366 or from Albany, New York for $388, both in September 2019. There are also flights from Washington D.C. in September 2019 which cost $355; flights from Providence, Rhode Island in October 2019 for $359; and flights from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October 2019 that will only set you back $326.

Those departing from out west can get in on the fun, too. Flights from Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2020 cost $337; flights from Salt Lake City, Utah in November 2019 cost $459; flights from Chicago, Illinois in September 2019 cost $281; flights from Cleveland, Ohio in September 2019 cost $261, and flights from San Diego, California in December 2019 are coming out to $529. Those are all major steals, if you ask me.

Like I said before, Costa Rica boasts one of the greatest rainforests in the world, not to mention the gorgeous sandy beaches. Once you arrive, you'll be able to embark on magical horseback rides around the Arenal Volcano, bask in hot spring pools, or lay out by the water. It all depends on where you stay, and what you're in the mood to do.

Regardless of what kind of trip you're looking to take, I can pretty much guarantee Costa Rica will give you the R&R you're looking for. Plus, with such an incredible discount, there's no reason not to book yourself a little treat. As I'm booking this airline ticket, I'd like to raise a glass to Dollar Flight Club — they've seriously done it again.