'The Last Jedi' Doesn't Have A Post Credits Scene, But You'll Be Wanting More

by Ani Bundel

It's that time of year again. The air is cold, the days are short, the Christmas lights are up, and the Star Wars fanfare theme is blasting from theaters. It's once again time to head to a galaxy far, far away and forget all our troubles and worries with the next installment of the long, ongoing saga of the Skywalker family. But when the ending comes, and the credits roll, fans are going to want to know: Does The Last Jedi have a post credit scene? Or is it safe to run to the restroom?

Not so long ago, this wouldn't have even been a question. No one sat through the credits of a movie, except the families of those who worked on it. Don't be silly. But that all changed in 2008, when movie called Iron Man tacked on a single scene after the credits had rolled, inviting Tony Stark to join a little initiative that Nick Fury was putting together called "The Avengers."

The reason that scene wasn't in the body of the movie was one of hedging. Marvels' fledgling movie studio had no idea if the movie would be a hit. If it wasn't, and the premise collapsed, there would be no Avengers sequel down the line. If instead, after three or so standalone movies, the venture folded, Iron Man could be recut, without that scene at the end and left as a forever standalone.

But, that's not how things played out. Iron Man was a massive hit, and the "post-credits sequence" phenomenon was cemented at the end of The Avengers with the famous "Shawarma" scene. Since then, it seems every big tentpole movies are expected to have a post-credits sequence of some sort after their movie, right?

No, actually. In fact, the post (and mid) credit sequences are still only a mainstay of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No one else does them. Not Warner Brothers, not 20th Century FOX (RIP), not Sony, not Universal and not even Disney's *other* massive franchise, Star Wars. The only reason it *feels* like post credit sequences are ubiquitous is because Marvel puts out so many blockbusters a year. If they were like Star Wars and only did one movie per year, it wouldn't feel like this.

There was no post-credit sequence for The Force Awakens. As J.J. Abrams said at the time, "All the scenes are actually in the movie." (A snarky reference to the fact that these things started because a studio was afraid to have a scene actually be in the movie.) Rogue One also had no post-credit sequences, though if you were me, you sat through the full credit roll anyway, trying to pull yourself together and dry your tears.

Why should you sit through the full credit sequence at The Last Jedi, despite the lack of any extra Easter eggs hidden within? Because this film was dedicated to Carrie Fisher. And, like all good dedications, it comes at the end of the first set of credits.

But that's all. Otherwise, there's no need to sit through the piles and piles of names that worked so hard on the CGI, the costumes, the settings, the battle scenes, the directions, the lighting, the sound, and all the rest... except that they deserve just a little bit of recognition, too.

So, even though you're probably restless, and the rest of the theater is getting up and putting on their coats, consider staying. If you have the time, take a moment and sit through those thousands of names. They all worked really hard to bring us the best Star Wars movies since Empire Strikes Back. They deserve just a little love.