Does Jo get pregnant on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Here's Why 'Grey's' Fans Think Jo Is Going To Get Pregnant (If She's Not Already)


Jo Karev has had a heck of a few months. She learned her husband Alex left her for his longtime ex-girlfriend Izzie, was now a father of two, and gave her all of his shares to the hospital, in addition to serving her divorce papers. Despite all the chaos that's surrounding her, though, fans think another major development could be on the horizon, delivered to her via stork. That's right, ever since Camilla Luddington revealed she was expecting, fans have been wondering if her character Jo will get pregnant on Grey's Anatomy.

Luddington took to Instagram on March 10 to share the news of her pregnancy, which she said she has been "hiding" until now. Of course, this doesn't mean Jo will definitely follow suit; Grey's writers don't always choose to put actors' pregnancies into the show's storylines. For example, Luddington had a child three years ago, and she simply "filmed around" her pregnancy during those months leading up to the birth.

But this time could be different. Considering Jo is no longer with Alex, a pregnancy would be a pretty major development for her character. Before their breakup, Jo had expressed to Alex desires about having children. Perhaps seeing her former partner move into the parent role with Izzie will propel her into doing the same... or maybe she was already pregnant before Alex left.

Fans shouldn't get their hopes too high when it comes to a potential new baby for Jo, however. Her Instagram announcement also mentions she's been filming throughout her pregnancy (and it hasn't been shown thus far on the show). Therefore, the show's creators could just choose to hide any signs of a baby bump like they did with her first.

Until there's a positive pregnancy test shown onscreen, audiences will likely just to have to sit tight to see how things develop for Jo.

Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.