'Game Of Thrones' Fans Have A Bad Feeling About Tyrion's Fate In The Finale

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 shocked the world with Daenerys descent into a "heel turn," aka becoming the bad guy. When the bells began to ring across King's Landing, something inside her shattered, and the cold insanity embedded within her Targaryen bloodline came roaring out. But it wasn't the first time Daenerys' anger had triggered a white-hot rage, as she'd burned Varys via dragon fire earlier in the episode as well. What will happen when she learns Tyrion released her prisoner, and Cersei proxy, Jaime Lannister? Does Daenerys kill Tyrion?

It's not out of the question. At this point, Daenerys has massive problems heading into King's Landing after that violent outburst. She didn't just kill Cersei and take King's Landing. She murdered thousands upon thousands of innocents, people she claimed she was here to be the savior of, to liberate from tyrants. She already didn't have a lot of goodwill from the Westerosi elite before this battle. Now she's lost what little support she might have been able to cobble together.

A ruler in this position is going to be paranoid that everyone is plotting behind her back to overthrow her rule. Even something like this, where Tyrion obviously freed Jaime to escape the same way Jaime once freed him to escape back in Season 4, is going to look like treason.


Moreover, Daenerys may have a secondary reason to want to punish Tyrion for letting Jaime go. The entirety of King's Landing has collapsed. It's going to take weeks for the survivors (the few that remain) to sift through all that rubble and ash and find the bodies. It is very possible that next week sees Daenerys believing Cersei and Jaime escaped King's Landing because no one has discovered their bodies yet. If she thinks they are alive, and Tyrion is to blame, he's a dead man walking.

The real question is, will Tyrion actually be put on trial for his crimes, or will Daenerys sentence him in the middle of the night, the same way she did with Varys at Dragonstone. One would hope someone talks her into the former rather than the latter.


Now, I know, Tyrion, on trial, again?! Hasn't the show done that already? (Yes, actually, twice. Once in Season 1 and once in Season 4.) But like those other trials, Tyrion will have the floor and could talk his way out of execution. Or at least tell the Westerosi elites who make up the judge and jury to consider his decision to was made for the love of his family. It might even be enough to stir these elites into moving against Daenerys once and for all.

Tyrion might not have been popular with the hangers-on back in Seasons 1 and 4, either in the Vale where Lysa held sway, or in King's Landing back when Tywin ruled through Joffrey. However, things are different now. Jon Snow likes and trusts Tyrion, Sansa still cares for him, and Sam respects him. Bronn will get Highgarden if he lives and Daenerys doesn't. These things matter. Daenerys going after Tyrion, or even killing him, might be the last mistake she ever makes.