Do Guys Want Sex On The First Date? Guys Reveal Their True Thoughts About It


I love to peruse the internet to see what men are chattin' with each other about. This time, on a recent Reddit thread, they were discussing whether or not sex on the first date is a good idea. While I always thought that, typically, a guy wants sex on the first date, after reading some of the responses, I was pleasantly surprised. Have I been judging men wrong all along? Are men prude?

Turns out, men who are relationship-minded actually like to wait to do the deed. If they have sex too early, they find that relationships fall into friends-with-benefits territory. This can be read into a few ways. Do men not take sexually liberated women seriously? Can a woman not have sex on the first date and be seen as relationship material? Major bummer. However, maybe men — like many women I know, including myself — are also precious about intimacy and need to feel emotionally close with someone before they can take their clothes off.

So anyhoo, here are what some guys on Reddit think about boning on the first date. Their answers might surprise you.

He likes to earn it.

— /u/My_Baby_Loves_Memes

He likes it ASAP to determine compatibility.

— /u/sykilik101

He can only get turned on by an emotional connection.

— /u/heaven-sent

Waiting for sex makes him more invested.

— /u/theadventurouswriter

He thinks you can't justify first-date sex.

— /u/cliffracer17

He waits so he can find a meaningful relationship.

— /u/mxrz74

He thinks it's a good sign there's chemistry.

— /u/B0000000BS

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