Dixie Slammed Trolls For Impersonating Her High School Ex On TikTok

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some keen fans of Dixie D'Amelio discovered her old VSCO account recently, and they unearthed a whole bunch of new photos of the influencer from before she was famous. Soon after her VSCO handle was revealed, trolls found photos on the account of her ex-boyfriend from high school and began to use his likeness to harass people online. Dixie D'Amelio's response to trolls impersonating her ex on TikTok demonstrates just how little privacy influencers get these days. No one's past is safe from being unearthed.

On the Jan. 21 episode of Dixie and her sister Charli's podcast, CHARLI AND DIXIE: 2 CHIX, the duo talked a lot about relationship drama and shippers. The tone of the episode took a turn, however, when Dixie brought up how fans uncovered her old VSCO account and attempted to stir up unnecessary drama between herself and her high school ex-boyfriend.

"People are making fake accounts for my ex-boyfriend from high school who I'm on good terms with," Dixie said. "We Snapchat, we're fine. He's in college ... we broke up in 2019." She went on to call the fake accounts "creepy," adding that she started to see a major influx of people catfishing as her ex on her For You Page.

Charli also claimed trolls did something similar to her eighth grade boyfriend. "It's been multiple years since [we broke up,] and I felt so bad," she stated about her own experience with fake accounts. "He texted me and was like, 'Hey, I don't know where people are finding my Instagram account.'"

Combing through her own Instagram account and deleting all of her photos with him apparently did the trick and got Charli's followers to leave her middle school ex alone, but the strange impersonations were unsettling enough. Dixie also dismissed the gossip surrounding her former relationship, telling listeners of the podcast she and her ex "weren’t planning on dating when he went to college anyways."

The D'Amelio sisters never named their exes during the Jan. 21 episode, but it's clear neither of their exes are influencers with burgeoning TikTok careers. Dixie's ex seems to be enjoying college life. Sure, it might be somewhat entertaining for fans to investigate the sisters' pre-fame dating lives, but their former flames deserve privacy, too.