Dixie D'Amelio appears in her 'Be Happy' music video.

Dixie & Noah Apologized For Filming A TikTok With "Offensive" Audio


Dixie D'Amelio is in hot water with her TikTok followers. Along with Noah Beck and Ryland Storms, she's facing criticism for filming a video with some controversial song lyrics. The audio, which has now been boycotted by many fans on the app for being offensive, has D'Amelio receiving major shade for dancing to it. She's since spoken out about the video, and Dixie D'Amelio's apology for using "offensive" audio on TikTok was so sincere.

In the video, the trio was seen lip-syncing and dancing to the track “What that mouth do?” by BigKlit. Many of D'Amelio's followers were offended by the lyrics, which they believe sexualize God. The lyrics fans take offense to are, "If there was a god, I would make him eat my p*ssy."

One person commented, “This song is not only offensive to Christians but also offensive to many other religions.” Another wrote, "This is disrespectful in so many ways! YOU CALL YOURSELVES INFLUENCERS?" they asked.

Some did come to the trio's defense. "I don't think they meant to offend anyone AT ALL, but the singer should be cancelled bc this song is NOT IT," they wrote.

D'Amelio, Beck, and Storms have since deleted the video, but it was up long enough for D'Amelio to feel compelled to apologize.

"This was a promo song for ryland and he asked us to be in the video. I personally didn't even think about the lyrics. I obviously would never purposefully offend anyone, I was just being dumb and not thinking and I'm sorry to anyone these lyrics offended," she commented below the post.

You can see the video and D'Amelio's apology below.

Beck also apologized for posting the video. "Hi everyone<3 Just thought I'd address this situation. We meant no offense to anyone while making this. It was for a song promo and I'd like to apologize to anyone I have offended. This was never our intent," he commented.

The song is packed full of NSFW lyrics which fans can see here. While there's not much info on the internet about the artist, it appears she calls herself the "Queen of Hell."

It seems like each day there's a new instance of TikTok drama, and this probably won't be the last.