Nestle & Disney's Mickey-Shaped Ice Cream Bars Are Coming To Grocery Stores So Soon


It's no secret that the Disney parks have some of the best theme park fare in the game, and now, you can enjoy a bit of the magic in the comfort of your own home — no trip to California or Florida required. Disney diehards know that you can't spend a day in the park without purchasing a pair of Mickey ears (or two), and an edible version of the iconic symbol is heading to a retailer near you. According to reports, Disney's Mickey-shaped ice cream bars will be in grocery stores soon, so prepare to stock up your freezer with a taste of the park.

Instagram blogger @LoveTheMouseTravel broke the news a few days back on Jan. 9, revealing that Mickey and his crew had been cooking up something special to celebrate the OG mouse's 90th birthday. Nestlé is reportedly teaming up with Disney to bring the Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolate ice cream bars that you know and love from Disneyland and the Magical Kingdom to your freezer, and the nostalgia-inducing packaging is here to help you celebrate 90 years of magic with a classic Mickey and a design inspired by the Mickey: The True Original exhibition.

"You heard it here first," the blogger wrote on Instagram. "If you love Mickey ice cream, well you’re in luck. In honor of Mickey Mouse‘s 90th birthday Nestlé will be bringing your park-favorite Mickey premium bars to a grocery store near you. Starting in February 2019, check out the freezer section for your little taste of the magic." Elite Daily reached out to Nestlé for confirmation and further information regarding the ice cream bars, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

TBH, these Mickey ice cream bars — made of vanilla ice cream covered with a thin layer of Nestlé chocolate — might just be as iconic as you get when it comes to the theme parks' treat lineup, and with both Disneyland and Disney World raising their prices on admission in 2019, I thought it would be a while before I could treat my tastebuds to the sweet, chocolatey confection or, at the very least, something very similar. Elite Daily reached out to Nestlé to confirm that these limited-edition babies are the very same ice cream bars that are sold at ice cream carts all over Disney parks, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Per the packaging, each box comes with six Mickey-shaped ice cream bars, which WDW News Today notes are each a little smaller than the original — the publication says that the in-home ones are each three-ounce bars, while the park bars are about four ounces each. That's really not much of a difference, and it's pretty incredible that you can get six of these bad boys for $7.49. According to Travel and Leisure, the Mickey ice cream bars normally retail for $5.75 in the park, so you're taking home some major savings.

A Nestlé spokesperson confirmed to Delish in a Friday, Jan. 11 story that the classic ice cream bars are coming to your local grocery store very soon "for a limited time." Elite Daily reached out to Nestlé regarding the bars' release date, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Unfortunately, Mickey and the treat wizards over at Disney are keeping mum about exactly when the limited-edition items are coming to stores, where we can find them, and how long they'll be around, but according to WDW News Today, they've already been spotted on the Ralph's website as well as Instacart through Fry’s Food and Drug.

From the sounds of things, it's only a matter of time before you're having the most magical day in the comfort of your own home, so I'd say 2019 is definitely looking up.