Disney World Now Has Princess Makeovers For Adults, So Dreams Really Do Come True

If you spent many a childhood days watching Disney movies, then you were probably greatly influenced by Disney princesses. I loved them so much that my dream was to become a Disney princess. Although its a bit of a pipe dream, it has been an aspiration of mine for quite a while now. Luckily, feeling like actual animated royalty is now possible. Disney World's adult princess makeovers finally exist, at long last, and TBH, they're truly everything I could ever want.

Some say that dressing up as a princess is only for kids, and to be quite honest, I've been way over that mindset for quite a while now. Why should your age prevent you from looking like you favorite childhood Disney princess on occasion? It seems like Disney isn't into putting an age limit on dress-up fun anymore either, because Disney World in Orlando, Florida is finally offering special adult Disney princess makeovers.

I'm finally going to be able to pursue my dreams as Princess Jasmine, and you'd better believe I'm getting a tiger to match my harem pants, and, of course, my bejeweled throne to rule Agrabah. New makeover, new throne, new me — that's what they say, right?

You're probably asking, "So, where can I find these glorious makeovers?" Well, if you happen to find yourself at the ever-lovely Disney World, getting in on this glorious spa opportunity is easy peasy. Just head on over to the Senses Spa in the Grand Floridian Resort, according to Cosmopolitan. The spa offers an entire Disney princess makeover package including all of the goods — hair, makeup and nail designs (yes, you can probably get some glittery jewels on that pretty little finger) — and it all only comes out to $120. Yes, it's worth it, and you'd better believe I'm coming back from Florida on a damn magic carpet.

Joseph Motowidlak, the guest experiences manager at Senses Spa, told Today that he noticed a market for giving makeovers to guests of all ages. Many adult guests came already dressed as the classic princesses, and they would definitely pay to get the full look.

Per Today, Motowidlak said:

We saw that our guests were coming up with outfits and entire ensembles inspired by Disney characters. We really saw a need for some kind of transformative makeover experience for people of all ages — something customized to allow guests to really enjoy their day on our property.

For far too many years, I believed that feeling like a Disney princess was unattainable, and it was devastating. Buying dresses at the local costume store was always an option, but actually getting the entire look was practically impossible. But, after wishing on (probably a few too many) stars, all of my dreams have finally come true. The ideal Disney princess makeover is just a hop, skip, and a plane ride away, and before you know it, you will be living out your dream as your favorite Disney princess. For me that's Jasmine, and I can't wait to dress up and realize "A Whole New World" as a Disney princess.