It Turns Out Sarah From 'The Bachelor' Was Linked To G-Eazy Last Year

by Candice Jalili
TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

As if her straight-up eliminating herself from the latest season of The Bachelor wasn't enough of a plot twist on its own, it turns out Sarah Trott was linked to G-Eazy before Matt James. Bachelor Nation Scoop, a fan account on Instagram, did the Lord's work by unearthing the old footage of Sarah leaving a Los Angeles nightclub with G-Eazy back in March. Alongside an old Instagram video of Sarah and some other girls partying in a club with G-Eazy and multiple paparazzi shots of what appear to be her leaving the club with him, the account posted this caption:

Sarah seems to be the mystery woman that was seen with G-Eazy in Feb/March.#thebachelor

Per Us Weekly, the photos were reportedly taken outside of West Hollywood nightclub Delilah in early 2020. Us Weekly also reported that the photo agency that snapped the pictures had Sarah labeled as "mystery woman" in the shots. But the woman in the photos isn't a mystery — she's definitely Sarah. The broadcast journalist-turned-Bachelor contestant's Instagram is literally tagged in the video of the girls dancing with G-Eazy. In the video, she's wearing the same outfit as the one she's pictured in outside, and she can be seen sitting next to G-Eazy as she celebrates someone named Christine's birthday.

Here they are leaving the clurb:

TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

In case you missed it, Sarah was a contestant on Matt's season of The Bachelor. During the Jan. 11 episode of the show, she snagged a one-on-one with Matt. The two really hit it off, so much so that Sarah ultimately found that it was difficult to continue being on the show as she watched him date the other women.

In addition, she had reservations about staying on the show while her dad fights ALS, a terminal illness. She ultimately chose to eliminate herself on the Jan. 18 episode of The Bachelor.

“I really had to think about what were my priorities in the moment and for me it was difficult to be in that environment knowing that I had such heavy things weighing on me back at home," she explained of her decision during a Jan. 19 appearance on Good Morning America. "I don’t have any regrets.”

Happy she did the right thing for her.