Fans Are Convinced They Caught Justin Watching Selena's New Cooking Show

Kevin Mazur/TCA 2012/WireImage/Getty Images

It's been years since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez parted ways romantically for good in 2018 after eight years of dating on and off. While both of them have officially moved on from each other and are living their best lives, that doesn't stop shippers from looking for any clue Bieber and Gomez are secretly still pining for each other. That's why on Aug. 17, the "Intentions" singer had fans wondering: Did Justin Bieber watch Selena Gomez's cooking show? At first glance, it appeared so, but here's the real deal.

First things first: Gomez's Selena + Chef premiered on HBO Max on Aug. 13. and fans went wild for it. "It’s here," Gomez gushed on Instagram about the show. "See how my cooking holds up when 10 chefs teach me their recipes!"

Days later, Bieber found himself watching the same channel that Gomez's show is on, and didn't seem to let it bother him while he snapped a photo of his watchlist. In the corner of Bieber's pic, a promo for his ex's show could be seen, along with the prompt "Continue Watching underneath it. Fans quickly speculated that the photo revealed Bieber had, at some point, checked out Gomez's cooking chops.

Fans had a field day with the image, with one fan writing: "Justin Bieber accidentally slips up and reveals he’s been watching Selena Gomez’s cooking show!" Another tweeted: "Good to know justin is streaming selena's cooking show."

However, fans may be jumping to conclusions here. Upon further inspection, it seems the shows Bieber previously watched were actually under the "Continue Watching" title, which means he was bust wayching Friends earlier, not Gomez's show.

Still, some fans seem to think it's a really odd coincidence that Bieber's random television-watch session update happened to include a promo for Gomez's show, stating that it *had to be* intentional.