Jed Wyatt Claimed He Never Cheated On Hannah Brown Or His Ex

by Candice Jalili
Mark Bourdillion/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Almost two years after the controversy first went down, Jed Wyatt claims he didn't cheat on Hannah Brown or his ex Haley Stevens. The old drama first got resurfaced on Jan. 30 when another contestant on Brown's season, Dylan Barbour, decided to do a brutally honest Q&A with fans on Twitter about his time on the show. At one point, a fan asked, "Who from your season do you feel got the most screwed over by production?" To that, Barbour simply replied, "Jed."

That response cuh-learly required more elaboration, so another fan pressed, "? are you saying he didn’t cheat on hannah?" OK, now here's where things get juicy. Barbour, apparently a man of few words, responded, "yes." As in, "yes," Wyatt did not cheat on Brown, as fans were led to believe. (He also made lots of other juicy reveals — keep reading.)

Shortly after that gigantic reveal, on Jan. 31, Wyatt delighted interested Bachelor Nation fans by breaking down his version of events.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the love and the support today," Wyatt began his Instagram Story. "It was really cool that this got brought to light by Dylan ... so shoutout to you guys."

Then, along with a not-so-subtle pug for his podcast Jed Talks, he got into the juicy stuff. "I will actually be going into deeper detail but the facts are this: Yes, I was highly manipulated and, from it, deeply mentally affected from the show. And, two, no, I never cheated. Ever. On Haley or Hannah," he revealed.

He concluded by promising there will be more information to come. His new podcast, Jed Talks, launches on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

"So, if you’d like to hear full details on this, I’ll actually be dropping it Tuesday," he said. "I had a talk with my podcast partner and that’s just when it’s gonna have to come out. So, if you guys are interested in hearing the full, full story it will be out Tuesday on Jed Talks. So, check it out."

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In case you missed Wyatt's alleged cheating drama back in 2019, here's a quick refresher: Wyatt proposed to Brown on The Bachelorette and she said yes. However, Alabama Hannah broke off the engagement when she learned Wyatt reportedly was in a relationship when he went on the show.

Who knows what will come next? *grabs popcorn*