A New Video Of Emma Stone Has Fans Convinced She’s Secretly Married

by Candice Jalili
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Your quarantine: rotating the same two pairs of sweatpants, microwaving Hot Pockets, thinking it's Tuesday when it's actually Friday. Emma Stone's quarantine: maybe... a secret wedding? Fans think Emma Stone secretly married Dave McCary while in quarantine thanks to an interview she did with Reese Witherspoon on the Little Fires Everywhere star's Hello Sunshine YouTube channel on May 5.

During a chat the two actresses had about anxiety during quarantine, some particularly astute fans noticed Stone was sporting a gold band on her ring finger in place of her engagement ring. If you ask me, the ring looked an awful lot like a wedding band. And swapping your fancy engagement ring out for just a simple gold band? Total married person move. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Stone and McCary for comment on speculation that they tied the knot but did not hear back in time for publication).

In addition to the wedding band, Stone further sparked fan speculation when discussing how anxiety can impact a marriage with psychiatrist Dr. Harold Koplewicz. “If you marry an anxious man, you’re going to have to know me the rest of my life," Koplewicz joked in the video. At this point, Stone responded, “Thankfully, I didn’t do that.” Interesting. Very interesting.

Obviously, Stone could have meant she didn't marry an anxious man because she didn't marry any man. But she also could have been saying the man she did marry is not an anxious man. I guess she and McCary are the only people who really know what she was referring to.

Stone and McCary made the news of their engagement public on Dec. 4, 2019 when McCary posted a selfie of himself and an engagement ring-clad Stone alongside a heart emoji. Here they are looking super cute and totally in love:

The couple reportedly met at the end of 2016 when Stone was hosting Saturday Night Live, for which McCary is a writer. The pair was able to snag some extra hang time during her 2016 appearance as Stone took part in a sketch directed by McCary called “Wells for Boys."

All in all, McCary seems like a good dude. “Dave has this core of kindness and sweetness," a source reportedly told People in 2017 when news of his relationship with Stone first broke. “He’s tall and fit, confident and funny. He’s not someone who seeks the spotlight."

And, hey, doesn't a secret wedding just make sense for someone who's apparently so spotlight averse?