This Theory About Daenerys's Throne Room Vision Could Be A Major 'GOT' Spoiler


On Game of Thrones, the Night King has been defeated and the threat of an endless night is over... or at least it seems that way. The rest of the series will focus on the fight for the Iron Throne in King's Landing, leaving the wintry landscape of the North behind. But, there might possibly be more snow in the future of our favorite Westerosi characters. A few seasons back, Daenerys had a vision of the future in the King's Landing throne room, and the eery scene might give some major clues about what's to come as the GOT story moves south. Fans are wondering, did Daenerys see snow or ash in the throne room? The answer will reveal a lot.

All the way back in Season 2, back before Daenerys became the Breaker of Chains and way before the idea of fighting the White Walkers was even a glimmer in her mind, Daenerys visits the House of the Undying. In GOT Season 2 Episode 10 (called "Valar Morghulis") Daenerys travels to Qaarth to rescue her dragons from the Warlocks who camp out in the House of the Undying. While she's there, the warlocks give her an intense vision.

In the vision, Daenerys travels beyond the Wall and briefly reunites with her late husband Khal Drogo. But that's not the part of the vision that fans are focusing on. Before she sees Drogo, Daenerys wanders through the throne room in King's Landing. The room is grey and empty, and the roof and windows have been torn out. Daenerys starts to approach the Iron Throne, but it's completely covered in the snow that's falling from the open ceiling.

Ever since "Valar Morghulis" aired, fans have debated the meaning of Daenerys' vision. Her main goal is to take the Iron Throne, and so since the vision depicts her getting so close to it, it seems like it might be a prophecy what's to come as she gets closer to making her dream come true (or not). That means that every detail of the scene can and has been totally scrutinized by fans, especially the snowfall. Some fans have wondered if the snow dusting the throne room isn't actually snow, but is ash instead. That could mean that Daenerys' vision shows the aftermath of her dragons burning King's Landinng and dusting it with ash. This predicts a different future than one covered in snow, which could represent Jon Snow ruling over Westeros.

It could be easy to debate the dusting in Daenerys' vision forever, but luckily the GOT scripts can provide some answers. Vanity Fair took a look at the script for Season 2 Episode 10 and found the description of Daenery's throne room vision. It reads:

She looks up. The roof is missing and snow falls from the sky. [. . .] At the far end of the room, the Iron Throne waits for her, dusted with snow. Her dream made manifest.

So there you have it. Daenerys definitely sees snow in the throne room. But, even though that fact has been cleared up, it's still not exactly clear what all that snow means. Fans can find out in the remaining three episodes of GOT which air on Sunday at 9 P.M. ET on HBO.