Demi Lovato Just Posted An Emotional Video To Fans After Canceling Two Of Her Shows

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Even superstars like Demi Lovato need a bit of rest, as is proving to be the case now that she’s in the throes of a highly-anticipated tour. The 25-year-old singer took to her Instagram story on Monday, June 11 to explain that she was in dire need of vocal rest and absolutely had to cancel two of her shows, one at the O2 Arena in London and the other in Birmingham. In Demi Lovato’s video to fans, the singer apologized to her fans and explained the situation at hand as best she could.

In the video, in which Lovato’s voice was rather strained, the singer expressed her sincere disappointment at having to cancel the show at the O2:

Hey guys, I can’t do the show tonight because I have no voice. I always wanted to play the O2 so I’m really upset … I’m really sad to let my fans down because I know some of you guys traveled hours and some of you flew to see the show but I really can’t go on. I’m sorry. We are rescheduling the show. I’m just very, very sick right now and hopefully I’ll be able to perform at the O2 again very soon. Thank you for understanding — I love all of you and I’m very sorry.

Oh wow, the situation must be serious if she isn’t able to sing at all. Best to cancel the show, then. Hopefully, she’ll recover quickly and keep all her other tour dates!

But illness aside, Lovato was really, really disappointed that she couldn’t go on stage for her fans.

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She also shared a written message on Instagram to let fans know what was going on:

I write this through tears of frustration and sadness that I have to postpone my concert in London at the O2 tonight due to being very, very sick and with swollen vocal chords that were examined by an ENT (dr.). If I go on tonight and injure my vocal chords anymore I could potentially have to cancel the rest of my tour.

She then dedicated a few words to sympathize with fans who’ve traveled around the world to see her and to, once again, apologize for not being able to take the stage:

I’m so so so sorry to disappoint any of my fans in London that have traveled hours to be here by plane or by car, and to all of the fans that got these tickets for their birthday, holiday or any other special occasion. It breaks my heart to let you down. Just know I feel your frustration and I wouldn’t do this unless I absolutely had to.

While the canceled show is being rescheduled for June 25, that didn’t stop fans from taking to social media to express their concern for Lovato and their disappointment at not being able to see her perform live.

Some fans were understandably upset about the cancellation:

But a lot of fans just really wanted Lovato to take good care of herself, which is really sweet:

At the very least, Lovato’s fans understand that their fave needs a break and her illness is totally out of her control. She must be feeling the love, though. Here was her reaction to her fans’ die-hard love and support for her:

So sweet! I’m sure that eases some of the sting of not being able to perform.

But still, it’s probably disappointing on all sides. With any luck, Lovato will get well soon and all those who missed out on the show will be able to see her at a later date!