Demi Is Now Insta Official With Her New BF & You Must See The Pics

by Candice Jalili
Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Get ready for some major double-tapping because Demi Lovato and her new boyfriend Austin Wilson are Instagram official. The two announced their relationship on Nov. 12 with nearly matching photos posted at the exact same time on their respective Instagram pages. For her part, Lovato posted a black-and-white mirror selfie taken in a super swaggy kitchen. In the picture, Lovato's male model beau has his arm wrapped around her as he gives her a loving kiss on the cheek. She simply captioned the picture: "My ❤️..."

Wilson's Instagram, posted at the same time, features a mirror selfie in which the couple looks fly dressed to the nines. In his image, Wilson has his tattoo-clad arm wrapped around Lovato's neck and their faces are touching just enough for your heart to melt a bit. While Lovato chose to play it a little cool by calling Wilson her "❤️," rather than flat-out admitting she loves him, Wilson wasn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve in his caption. "My Love," he wrote, adding this adorable emoji, 🥰 , that is quite literally the embodiment of what being in love feels like.

Here's Lovato's low-key mirror selfie, featuring the cutest cheek kiss known to mankind:

And here's Wilson's super romantic bedroom selfie:

These two could not be any more adorable if they tried.

While the new couple hasn't yet revealed how they met, Entertainment Tonight notes that Wilson was a close friend of the late Thomas Trussell III, who was reportedly a close friend of Lovato's as well. Following Trussell's death in October, Wilson took to Instagram to share his grief.

"RIP bro I love you so much," he wrote. "I’m so grateful for the times that we had while you were here. You are such a special soul. You had the biggest heart and made everyone feel like a million dollars. I know you’re looking down on us now."

While it's unclear whether or not Wilson and Lovato met through Trussell, the two obviously travel in similar enough circles to have reportedly had a close mutual friend. And isn't that always a sign that a new couple can vibe?