Dairy Queen's January Blizzard Of The Month Will Make Reese's Lovers Swoon

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Whenever January comes rolling around, it's tough to bid your favorite holiday flavors farewell. Sure, peppermint candies and gingerbread cookies will come back next year, but it's always tough to watch them temporarily leave. Thankfully, Dairy Queen's Blizzard of the Month for January 2019 will help you forget about the holiday flavors that are making their annual exit. Sure, it's not holiday-themed or candy cane-flavored, but its ingredients will get you hungry — especially if you love Reese's.

That's right: Peanut butter enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite candy throughout January if they visit Dairy Queen and order the Reese's Outrageous Blizzard Treat. (My mouth is watering already.) According to Dairy Queen, the limited-time dessert features both Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Reese's Pieces. In other words, you won't have to decide on one or the other — because both are included in the dessert. In addition to the candy pieces, peanut butter topping and warm caramel sauce are mixed into the vanilla soft serve. YUM.

Between both of the Reese's candies combined with each sauce, you probably won't want to miss out on January's Blizzard of the Month. TBH, I don't think I've ever tried chocolate peanut butter pieces mixed with caramel — but I'm excited to give it a go.

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

If you're also looking forward to grabbing a spoon, head to your local Dairy Queen and order up. According to the company, you can order the Reese's Outrageous Blizzard Treat in a Mini, Small, Medium, or Large. Whether you're hoping to snack on the treat or eat one for dessert, DQ has you covered. Those of you who'd rather see the product's details before ordering can visit Dairy Queen's website and hit "Nutrition Facts" or "Ingredients/ Allergens."

Now that you know what's included in the Reese's Outrageous Blizzard Treat, you might be curious about what it tastes like. If that's the case, head to your local Dairy Queen before the end of January to give it a try. If you're not sure where your local DQ is, you can easily find out by visiting the company's website. When you're on the company's main page, look toward the upper righthand corner of the window. Then, enter your zip code, city, or state into the location search box and hit "SUBMIT." After doing so, a list of nearby Dairy Queen locations will populate next to a map on your screen.

Choose one that's close to you, grab your keys, and get ready for a Blizzard.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As you know, Dairy Queen prides itself on the company's ability to serve its Blizzards upside down. If your Reese's Outrageous Blizzard Treat isn't served topsy-turvy, the next one is free at participating locations, per Dairy Queen. How could ice cream be served upside down, you ask? Well, according to the company, each Blizzard is blended fresh so that it's thick enough to stay in place. That's pretty impressive — especially after adding warm caramel and peanut butter topping to the mix.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your local Dairy Queen and try its January Blizzard of the Month before it's gone.