Twitter Is Loving This Dad's Tweets About His Daughter Seeing A Female Referee

It's not uncommon for a parent to tell their young child that they can grow up to be anything they want to be. When it comes to girls dreaming about their future, though, there are times when they don't always see women well-represented in certain professions. For one father-daughter pair, a day spent at a soccer match turned inspirational once the little girl spotted a certain referee. If you're looking for some good in the world today, just check out Twitter's heartwarming reaction to a dad's tweets about his daughter seeing a female referee.

According to Mashable, the inspiring moment happened when a young girl was out with her father at a a semi-professional soccer match in Leeds, UK on Saturday, Oct 14. During the match, the girl's father, who goes by Twitter name "Hullablue," posted a picture of his daughter watching closely as a female referee became the source of inspiration for his young daughter.

His caption relayed that his "daughter was delighted." He then went on to say that his daughter inquired, "Her hair is like mine; can I be a referee?" If that doesn't confirm that there's still good in this world, then I'm not sure what will. Twitter, of course, was very much here for this tale of pure goodness.

Here is the dad's tweet as he presumably beamed with pride in his bright, young daughter.

Immediately, hearts began warming all over Twitter.

See? Warmed.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and many let the little girl know that she can be anything she wants be.

This commenter suggested that she can also dream of going beyond the soccer field.

Seeing is believing.

Now, this young girl's sweet inspirational moment can inspire others.

A future with children like this young girl is a hopeful one.

Some people replied with their own photos of female inspiration.

The more she sees there are female referees, the more she'll believe she can do it — no questions asked.

Female empowerment is found outside of the soccer field as well.

The importance of role models was reiterated.

It's nice to see that the referee just doing her job became a source of inspiration for this little girl.

It can be easy to have a pessimistic view of the world in times like these. There are record-breaking hurricanes devastating cities and entire islands and unbelievable mass shootings, and the political climate is tenuous, to say the least. When you read the news each morning, stories like the one of this little girl are not the usual headlines that you see.

That is why it is more important now than ever before to fill your feeds with stories about the good in the world. It might seem like a simple act of a little girl just asking her dad a question, but that question is an important one.

Now, we don't know what was going through the girl's mind. We don't know if she had ever thought about growing up to be a referee before attending that soccer match, but isn't it inspiring to think that maybe just seeing this referee doing a job — that isn't typically thought of as an accepted profession for a female — sparked the thought in this young girl's head that she might be able to do it to?

It's uplifting and inspiring to know that there is still good among us. Yes, women have come a long way in terms of equality, but you can only talk about the advancements so much. For this young girl, seeing female empowerment right before her eyes was all she needed to know that should could do that too.

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