The 'Umbrella Academy' showrunner talked about spinoff possibilities for some characters.

Here's Why Fans Think 'The Umbrella Academy' Could Get Multiple Spinoff Shows

by Dylan Kickham

After the massive cliffhanger ending of The Umbrella Academy Season 2, fans are eager for more of the Hargreeves siblings... and it sounds like the show's creator has more than just another season planned. Given all the different backstories and timelines in the superhero series, The Umbrella Academy can go in a number of directions. So, could The Umbrella Academy have spinoffs in the near future? Showrunner Steve Blackman has ideas.

Fans have wondered about potential spinoffs for The Umbrella Academy ever since the Netflix show first premiered. The comic book series the show is based on has put out a few standalone issues exploring the stories of just one or two members of the Hargreeves family, but so far, the Netflix show has focused on the core comic arcs in which the siblings all come together to prevent doomsday.

When asked about spinoff ideas by Digital Spy, Blackman singled out Klaus as the sibling with the most potential for a standalone show, also mentioning Ben and Diego as potential cohorts in a limited series about Klaus:

I think Klaus and Ben, or Klaus and Diego — any of those, to me, would be wonderful spinoffs. I think you could do a limited series with them for four or six episodes, and it would be great. I think even Robert (Sheehan) could do his own little thing about Klaus. Look, you never want to overdo something. But if there's an appetite for it, I mean, I think the actors would be up for it, and we would all be up for it. Because we all love working together.

For fans of the comics, Klaus seems like the clear choice for a potential spinoff. That's because Klaus is about to get his own spinoff comic series, a six-issue special release called You Look Like Death. The upcoming comic will focus on an 18-year-old Klaus becoming entangled with a vampire drug-lord in Hollywood after his expulsion from the Umbrella Academy.


Sheehan, who plays Klaus, responded to the idea of a spinoff with excitement. "I've loved this whole experience, and getting to play Klaus, it doesn't feel like coming to work, really," he told Digital Spy. "It's really fun, and it's about accessing that sort of trickster god energy. It's quite a natural innocence. It's a great source of creativity. And to get to do more of that? Absolute-bots."

The actor had his own spinoff pitch as well, suggesting a limited series that would further explore Klaus' strained relationship with Luther. The two siblings are probably the most disconnected in the whole Hargreeves family, so a show all about their dynamic would be a whole new perspective for fans.

David Castañeda, who plays Diego, also brought up the idea of exploring Diego and Vanya's backstory in a spinoff. The Umbrella Academy comics include a standalone short story called "Anywhere But Here" about a rock band Diego and Vanya formed as teenagers, which wound up being disbanded after Diego failed to show up for a gig.

Given all the backstories available in the Umbrella Academy comics, the TV show really does have the potential to go a ton of different directions. Fans will just have to wait to see if a spinoff (or two) ever comes to fruition on Netflix.