Hug Me, Brotha! Fans Are Convinced A 'Drake & Josh' Reunion Is Happening

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It isn't very easy to find reruns of our favorite shows from our tween years when we're experiencing a wave of nostalgia. Given all of the content on streaming services, you'd think Nickelodeon or Disney shows from the early 2000s would always have spots there, but that isn't the case. Instead, I often rely on memes or social media reports of what the stars of these shows are up to today when I'm feeling reminiscent. Doing this just uncovered a big Nickelodeon tease that turns out to be pretty valid. Could a Drake & Josh reunion happen? After a photo suggesting a revival hit the internet, a new Drake & Josh-related series is officially on its way to the small screen.

On March 15, PEOPLE confirmed that a revival of the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck is officially in the works. The actors appeared as the titular stepbrothers from 2004 to 2007 before starring in a 2008 TV movie called Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. The revival announcement comes after Bell and Peck were photographed outside Los Angeles' Viacom building on March 13. Viacom owns Nickelodeon, meaning that it technically has control of the original Drake & Josh brand. The photo shows the former co-stars talking with two other men, and Peck is seen holding what looks like a laptop. What else would you bring to an important business meeting?

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, Bell then teased the possibility of a revival while on the red carpet. "We're working on something," he told PEOPLE, saying that he and Peck were meeting with several networks about a new series. "I'm excited. I think we have a great idea."

Bell spilled a little more tea speaking to E! at the same event, but in that interview, he implied that he and Peck weren't exactly working on a revival. "Neither of us want to do a reboot," Bell told the outlet. "It had to be something cool, it has to be something creative... I think we've come up with something that's a little bit more creative and a little more exciting."

While with E!, the singer also called their secret project "not exactly Drake & Josh." So, with these conflicting reports, can we expect a Parker-Nichols family reunion or not?

Well, no matter what the new show entails, we can rely on Bell and Peck appearing alongside each other, whether or not that means reprising their old Drake & Josh roles. Given the stars' public feud after Peck didn't invite Bell to his 2017 wedding, I still consider it a blessing that the two men reconciled and have recently made videos poking fun at their long history together. That alone calls for a brotherly hug.

Based on Bell's clues, the new show will still feature nods to Drake & Josh even if it isn't a direct continuation of the beloved comedy series. Fans may not be sure about the specifics of this reunion, but they shared their excitement about the possibility on Twitter.

Peck even tweeted out the PEOPLE report about the revival, accompanying it with a trio of thinking face emojis. Bell later retweeted his message. Either these two are pulling off an epic prank that Megan hasn't foiled yet or they really are joining forces for some kind of homage to Drake & Josh. We'll keep an eye out for more hints about the duo's project!