Cole Sprouse Responded To Selena Gomez Saying Kissing Dylan Was "The Worst"

Selena Said Kissing Dylan Was "The Worst" & Cole Will Not Let Him Forget It

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Siblings are your first friend, and sometimes your first "bully." They don't mean any real harm, other than to make you feel totally uncomfortable, but it's kind of their job. The Sprouse brothers are a perfect example of that. They have no problem roasting each other on social media. You'll know what I mean when you read Cole Sprouse's response to Selena Gomez saying kissing Dylan was "the worst."

On March 6, Gomez appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and revealed she had a huge crush on Cole Sprouse, who starred on the Suite Life of Zack & Cody, when she was growing up.

Well, as fate would have it, Gomez guest starred on Suite Life the Season 2 episode called "A Midsummer's Nightmare," and got to kiss a Sprouse brother — just not the one she was crushing on.

"I guest-starred on the show, but I kissed his brother and I didn't get to kiss Cole. It was my first kiss," she said, before joking about the new and awkward experience. “It was one of the worst days of my life!”

Of course, the news about Gomez's first kiss with Dylan was the talk of the town over the weekend, and eventually the Sprouse brothers weighed in, too.

On March 7, Teen Vogue posted a picture of Gomez, the Sprouse twins, and Brenda Song along with Gomez's "worst day of my life" quote.

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Cole saw the post as the perfect opportunity to tease his brother, and replied to Teen Vogue, writing, "I can safely say I've never had a girl say this about me." Instagram account CommentsByCelebs caught the action and screengrabbed it.

Rather than harbor any ill-will toward his brother (or Gomez), Dylan made fun of himself on Twitter, tweeting a photo of Daily Mail's Snapchat coverage of the "worst" kiss story, which featured a picture of a present-day Gomez and a young Dylan wearing a fedora.

"Yo get that pic of him in the fedora to really sell the message,” he jokingly captioned it.

Clearly, the Sprouse brothers can take a joke, and that's probably why they don't mind flaming each other in public. With that said, I think it's Dylan's chance to burn Cole next. No doubt, Sprouse fans will be patiently waiting.