Ciara Revealed The One Simple Thing That Helped Her Commit To Her Workout Routine

by Georgina Berbari
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It can be hard to dedicate yourself to a workout routine with genuine enthusiasm. Life gets in the way, and making excuses can be all too easy. Once you begin to actually enjoy working out, though, that's when you'll typically cultivate some consistency within your regimen. Those are Ciara's thoughts on working out, at least, and TBH, her well-rounded approach to fitness is so refreshing and admirable.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the "Got Me Good" singer revealed that, while she adores working out these days, not to mention the way it makes her body feel, her approach to fitness was once very, very different. “Just a few years back I decided to commit to my fitness and health lifestyle differently than I had before,” Ciara told PEOPLE. “I used to spot train a lot. I used to train for the occasion, like if I had to do a video, or if I had to get ready for tour, I would get ready for those moments, but it wasn’t as much of a daily thing for me.”

The 33-year-old performer went on to say that this didn't help her look forward to her workouts, and that it wasn't good for her mental health at the time, either. That's when she decided to experiment with more consistency, commitment, and well-roundedness within her workouts, she explained to the outlet.

“What I learned by having that daily commitment — and it doesn’t mean that I go in the gym every day, because you need to let your body recover — but when I started to become more consistent, I realized how much better I felt, and how much easier my workouts became because it wasn’t so aggressive,” Ciara said. “That’s game-changing on the body and the mind. I feel like I can conquer the world on the days I work out, and it’s very rewarding.”

According to Andy Petranek, co-founder of Whole Life Challenge, Ciara's balanced mindset in regards to her fitness routine is awesome, and maintaining that kind of consistency can be hugely beneficial, in more ways than one. "There are no shortcuts," he tells Elite Daily over email. "It goes for anything you want in life. Taking small actions, each and every day, has a compounding effect."

Plus, the spot training approach to fitness — aka "the false belief that training a specific muscle will result in fat loss in that area of the body," as per the American Council on Exercise — that Ciara admitted to following in the past, simply isn't sustainable or logical. "Spot-training is a strategy that can only be employed by a very small percentage of the population, and even then, its effectiveness is questionable at best," Ronnie Lubischer, CSCS, owner of Lubischer's Burn and Blast Training, tells Elite Daily. "I preach lifelong wellness to my clients; any success or failure is seldom accomplished overnight, but rather is the accumulation of many things done right or wrong over a long sustained period of time."

Bottom line: Consistency is key, my friends. A sustainable, sensible, yet challenging approach to fitness is the way to go. Personally, I will 100 percent be bumping Ciara and Missy Elliott's "1, 2 Step" on repeat during my next workout.