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Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler’s Astrological Compatibility Is So Hot

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If you think celebrities tend to rush down the aisle a little too quickly, you can leave Christina Aguilera out of that particular narrative. The singer and former judge on The Voice has been engaged to her partner Matthew Rutler since Valentine's Day 2014, they share a daughter, and they still aren't in any hurry to get married. But that doesn't come as much of a surprise when you consider Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler’s astrological compatibility.

Aguilera was born Dec. 18, 1980, under the sign of Sagittarius, and Rutler’s birthday is April 14, 1985, which makes him an Aries. When two fire signs like these come together, the first thing you can expect is that they're going to generate a whole lot of heat. Both Aries and Saggitarius are known for their passion for life and, well, actual passion, so when these two meet it can make for an instant and powerful connection. While both signs also have a bit of a reputation for being fickle, what holds these two together over the long term is that they're true kindred spirits who understand both the desire for having a partner to go through life with, but also how to maintain their autonomy. They also push and challenge each other in ways that help them to grow in direction they both can appreciate. In other words, this is power couple stuff. Here's what else we can surmise about Aquilera and Rutler's connection based on their astrological compatibility.

Their chemistry is super hot.

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The chemistry between these two signs is fire (literally) as the two share that element. What that means is that they both come into things hot. Since they tend not to look before they leap when it comes to matters of the heart, however, that can lead to their connection fizzling with other signs. But with these two there's a different kind of connection based on a similar worldview that keeps their passion burning, both in and out of the bedroom. Both have a curious and adventurous side and prefer to live in the moment, so in one another they find a companion who has the same drive to experience life to the fullest, which throws fuel on their romantic fire.

They value and respect one another’s independence.

While Sagittarius and Aries are both excited to find a like-minded companion to share new experiences with, they're ultimately both very independent signs. They're used to being able to be spontaneous and do what they want when they want. Luckily, they're each happy to let the other have plenty of space to do their own thing. Sure, they have activities they enjoy together, but part of being happy in a relationship for both Aries and sag is the ability to have their interests and time away from one another without it causing friction or stress on the relationship. Since they're on the same page in this regard, it's unlikely to be a problem.

They need to make a point of spending time in the couple zone.

In many ways, being together is just so easy for Aries and Sagittarius. But it's important for them to not let that level of comfort lead them to think their relationship doesn't require any work. In their case, it's about making sure they stay in a romantic place with each other. That particular fire requires some tending between them to keep the spark alive. Otherwise, it can be all too easy to move from the couple zone into the friend zone.

They have so much fun together.

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There are many reasons why this zodiac pairing is such a solid one, but perhaps best of all is that they just like each other so much. These two both have that zeal for adventure, but they also share an optimistic view of life and don't want to take things too seriously. They would rather laugh and engage in playful debate. Who has time for drama when you could just have some fun? Whether they're traveling the world, hiking in a nearby national park, or just hanging out in their own backyard, there's no one they’d rather be with, because when Sagittarius and Aries meet it really is a case of best friends and lovers in one.

All this is to say: If you root for Aguilera and Rutler’s love, then there's every reason to believe they will stay burning brightly together if the stars have anything to say about it.