Chrissy Teigen Has A Message For Critics Who Say Her Tweets Are Unrelatable

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

You know that moment when you order a $13,000 bottle of wine, but didn't even realize it? No? Well, you're not the only one. Chrissy Teigen's response to critics saying her tweets are unrelatable was honest, but her followers are still talking about the strange tweet that caused her to get so much backlash for her posts in the first place.

On Feb. 3, Teigen posed a simple question to her followers: "What’s the most expensive thing you’ve eaten that you thought sucked?" Some of the replies were entertaining, with her fans pouring in to provide photos and stories of their worst overpriced meals. Her replies from followers included stories about fried rabbit ears, caviar, and so many other eccentric dishes. Teigen's own submission about bad luxury dining didn't get such a warm response, however, and she was quick to address her critics.

"One time John and I were at a restaurant and the waiter recommended a nice Cabernet," Teigen began her own tweet in reply to her original post. "We got the bill and it was $13,000 dollars. How do [you] casually recommend that wine. We didn't even finish it and it had been cleared!!!"

Whether or not Teigen was attempting to come off as relatable with her post, her tweet had had a resolutely unrelatable impact on some followers. "This is how you know money isn’t real & capitalism is straight garbage. Y’all can accidentally buy a $13,000 bottle of wine but most Americans can’t afford a $300 emergency," one user tweeted in response to her story. Another user replied, "People are not going to relate to this." In response, Teigen replied to this user saying, "Didn’t say it was and doesn’t have to be. Should I be tiptoeing."

After more than a few critics started piling on Teigen's original thread, she clarified her position on her own story and added another tweet to the thread. "Hey, not everything I say on my Twitter is going to be relatable to you because it is my life and my Twitter and my stories. I see your tweets, I get your jokes, you are so funny, yes, you really nailed me," she said.

Teigen's response to the entire situation definitely wasn't the warmest, but it was honest given the constant backlash she gets on the internet.

To be real, though, not many people besides the uber-wealthy even have the opportunity to get recommended a $13,000 bottle of wine at restaurants. One user joked in the comments, "Chrissy Teigen give me $13,000 and I'll let you know how to avoid this in the future." The star did not respond to this offer.