Chrissy Teigen Is Getting Backlash For Spoiling 'The Voice's Winner

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen spilled the beans! The Season 16 finale of The Voice aired live on NBC on Tuesday, May 21, and spoiler alert: Team John Legend won! Maelyn Jarmon (the only woman out of the four finalists) took home the grand prize on Tuesday night, marking John Legend's first win as a coach on the show. It's also his first season as a coach, so werk. Teigen took to Twitter to celebrate the win, but it upset fans of the show who hadn't gotten a chance to watch yet (timezones and all that). Chrissy Teigen's response to backlash for spoiling The Voice winner is here, and it's exactly the kind of response fans would expect from the Queen of Twitter.

To be honest, Teigen didn't really spoil the ending. The Voice's Twitter account posted a tweet after the episode aired on the East Coast saying who the winner was. The caption included "SPOILER ALERT," however, and had a specially made GIF that allowed time for people who hadn't watched yet to close out of the tweet before the winner's name and face popped up. This is the tweet Teigen retweeted in celebration of her husband and Jarmon's win.

"SPOILER ALERT, meet the newest winner of #TheVoice," the tweet said. The final four contestants' faces were featured on the GIF, then when the five-second countdown finished, Jarmon's name and face showed up solo.

"OH MY GODDDDDDDD!! WOOHOO!!!" Teigen's quote of the tweet said. Notice how she didn't say a name in her tweet! But people can surmise who won. Given Teigen's excitement, it was clearly a Team John win.

The Voice also tweeted a GIF that showed Jarmon and Legend's beaming faces after she was announced as the winner, confetti flying everywhere.

"@MaelynMusic has that winner swag! It was a Legendary season, indeed," the tweet read, clearly giving away the ending.

Teigen quoted the tweet and said, "This is literally the happiest I’ve ever seen John ever????"

People on Twitter were bitter that Teigen "spoiled" the ending.

She really didn't spoil it, though, given that The Voice announced the winner first...

But Teigen handled the misplaced backlash in stride, trolling people as per usual.

“Truly sorry for spoiling the voice tonight. I thought that since the official account tweeted it, it would be OK," she tweeted. "But now I realize it wasn’t and will make sure that when my husband wins something with someone, I will wait for each state and every country before being excited." Oh, Chrissy.

She took it even further in another tweet that said, "Well it looks like we are now being penalized for my spoiler and the award has been taken away and given to Carson Daly. Again I apologize."

LOL. Y'all, Teigen did not spoil this ending. She retweeted The Voice's own tweet about the finale, and those tweets had clear spoiler alerts in them, so anyone who didn't want to know the winner before they had the chance to watch the finale should have just averted their eyes and waited.

We've been watching TV and reacting on social media for years now, people. It should be common knowledge that you put yourself at risk when you go on Twitter before you've seen an episode of TV you don't want spoiled. Hasn't Game of Thrones taught you anything? Come on.