Chrissy Teigen’s Post About Falling Asleep Before Midnight On New Year’s Eve Is Amazing

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

New Year's Eve gets a lot of hype for being one of the biggest party nights of the year, but the truth is a lot of that hype is severely overrated. Even celebrities know that often the best holidays are spent at home. Chrissy Teigen's New Year's Eve 2020 Instagram is all the validation you need if your favorite nights are spent in.

Teigen's Instagram is one of the most active places on the internet, so it wouldn't be a holiday without a proper update from her. She posts everything online, from her glitziest red carpet events to the least glamorous, mundane moments at home. Her NYE Instagram falls into the latter category. Teigen shared a photo of herself wearing the (dare I say, iconic?) ensemble of a towel and a New Year's tiara. The dour expression on her face says it all, but her caption elaborates further: "sinus drugs got me f*cked uppppp. 1 hour til countdown but I’m out love u guys!!"

Is there anything more relatable than the impulse to go to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve? I think not. With or without sinus troubles like Teigen's, braving the drunk crowds is usually not nearly as rewarding as getting a good night's sleep in your cozy bed. Kudos, Chrissy.

That wasn't Teigen's only Instagram of the evening. Earlier in the night, she posted a photo of her blowing her nose and told fans, "I am not feeling great but happy new year yayyyyy." So, her Instagram announcing her early bedtime was actually an update on her previous post. You have to appreciate how Teigen always keeps her fans involved.

Teigen also posted a throwback video of New Year's Eve 2019, when she got hit in the face with an umbrella. The video is just as funny as it sounds, especially paired with Teigen's caption about her New Year's Eve spent in. She posted the video and wrote: "still better than last new years." Honestly, probably anything is better than getting poked with an umbrella, especially a New Year's Eve spent in with an early bedtime. Thanks for the inspiration, Chrissy.