Chrissy Teigen Just Revealed What Her Fights With John Legend Are Like

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s no secret that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have one of the cutest and possibly most enviable relationships in Hollywood. The two seem totally smitten with each other and share so much of their love with their fans. But just because the world gets to see the good moments in their marriage doesn’t mean there aren’t unfortunate moments as well. Teigen recently opened up to Good Housekeeping about what it’s like to fight with her husband. While the fights can be passionate, the 33-year-old model and cookbook author suggests that she and her husband balance each other out. Chrissy Teigen’s comments about fighting with John Legend just go to show how perfect she and Legend are for each other!

In her interview with Good Housekeeping, Teigen talked at length about a variety of topics including her marriage. One thing she explained to Good Housekeeping about her marriage is that she and Legend approach arguments in totally different ways, so that helps diffuse the situation most of the time.

“A big thing that helps us is the two different ways that we fight,” Teigen said. “I get very passionate, I get very loud, and he’s very much a diffuser. But in the end, we’re both apologizers; we don’t like to dwell on the same thing.”

Teigen also told Good Housekeeping what she and Legend fight about most, which is what many couples fight about — communication and balancing busy schedules.

“A lot of our fights revolve around — we don’t have them often — scheduling, communication, or ‘You told me this, but I was holding Luna, and I was baking cookies at the same time, how was I supposed to listen to this and have a conversation?!’” Teigen said.

Even though these kinds of arguments are frustrating, Teigen revealed that she’s learned a lot about communication by navigating them more carefully and making sure she listens to the other person.

“I've learned to listen to what the other person is upset about and try to make sure that I'm doing everything to not let that same, dumb fight happen again,” she said.

Marital squabbles aside, Teigen and Legend do genuinely enjoy each other and spend a lot of quality time together, especially now that they’re parents of two children. Teigen revealed that since giving birth to their youngest child Miles, she’s experiencing some “anxiety issues.”

“That’s where the cooking comes in, that’s John and Chrissy time, where we get to have a glass of wine and cook together,” Teigen said of how she handles her anxiety. “It’s quiet and peaceful. And then there's the 45-minute drive to school singing Frozen together, that’s a calming time for me. Honestly, the things that make me happy are so little.”

Overall, it sounds like Teigen and Legend have a great marriage and they balance each other out really well. Given how busy each of them are, it’s also quite admirable how much hard work they put into making sure their marriage is healthy and loving. Couples, take note!