Chloe x Halle Gave Everyone Chills While Singing At This Year's Super Bowl

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chloe x Halle gave Americans a new sense of pride with their performance at the Super Bowl tonight! The R&B duo took on the daunting task of singing “America the Beautiful” for the audience and everyone watching at home. But the talented sisters did such a brilliant job that they really set the tone for the entire night. Chloe x Halle’s “America the Beautiful” performance was incredibly moving.

The performance started out with Chloe x Halle taking the stage to sing their hearts out. Both were dressed in matching (but not identical) black outfits. But it wasn’t just about them singing with their melodic notes and angelic harmonies. One thing that added an incredible touch to their performance was the fact that Aaron Loggins signed the performance in American Sign Language while the girls sang. So, seeing all of that come together was great.

Overall, Chloe x Halle brought a sense of youth and soul to a song that’s over a hundred years old. It’s not easy to do something like that, especially when so many people are so used to hearing it sung a certain way.

Not to mention the fact that the audience was clearly moved by the whole thing. They were cheering the Atlanta natives on like nobody's business. Everyone in that stadium clearly thought Chloe x Halle genuinely did a fantastic job!

The performance was pretty moving, considering I still have chills from hearing them sing, but they usually have that effect on people when they perform. Take their rendition of the National Anthem during the 2017 NFL draft, for example. Their performance was understated yet powerful and really gave the audience something to marvel at. Have a listen down below:

Needless to say, Chloe X Halle have a rare talent. Their voices are so pure and in tune with each other that it’s hard not to listen to them. I mean, is it any wonder that Beyoncé took them under her wing and made them her proteges? I don’t think so. Bey very obviously saw something special in them and now they’re making their mark on the music world. And their lives have changed drastically in the process.

After Bey signed them to her label Parkwood Entertainment, Chloe x Halle left their native Atlanta for Los Angeles, released a critically acclaimed album, landed roles on the TV show Grown-ish, and even went on tour with their mentor and her husband Jay-Z. So, things have been going pretty fast for them! They went from being totally unknown to performing at the Super Bowl! Amazing!

For all that they’ve accomplished so far, there’s still a long road ahead for Chloe x Halle. They’re still teenagers, after all, so there’s still so much to explore in terms of their talent and creativity! I’m sure there’ll be a lot more to come over the next few years from these two. And if Bey continues to be their mentor, then I have no doubt that they’ll do some unbelievable things in the future! Great job, girls!