Chelsea Clinton Welcomed Her New Baby With The Sweetest Tweet

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Even though Monday may not be exciting for most, today was definitely a great day for the Clinton family. Back in January, Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, announced that she was expecting her third child this year. Well, the newest member of the Clinton family has finally arrived, and Chelsea Clinton's baby announcement tweet is filled with so much love. Congrats!

On Monday, July 22, Clinton announced via Twitter that she and her husband, Mark Mezvinsky, welcomed their new baby boy Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky into the world. This is Clinton and Mezvinsky's third child, which means that 4-year-old Charlotte and 3-year-old Aidan have a new younger sibling to play with. To celebrate Jasper's arrival, Clinton posted a sweet message on Twitter, where she stated she couldn't wait to introduce her new baby to her children. Clinton wrote,

This morning we welcomed our son, Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky. We are overflowing with love and gratitude and can’t wait to introduce him to his big sister and brother.

The former first daughter wasn't the only one excited about the news. On July 22, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reposted her daughter's news on Twitter and added that she and President Bill Clinton "are so thrilled."

I must admit, I'm pretty thrilled as well!

Clinton and Mezvinsky welcomed their first child, Charlotte, in 2014, and according to Clinton, it changed her world. While speaking to People in September 2015, Clinton said that becoming a mother was a life changing experience and made her appreciate the work she does, and the people in her life, even more. She said,

I didn’t know I could care more intensely about anything until I became a mom. Somehow I love my husband even more, I love my parents even more. I feel even greater urgency about the work that I do, particularly around women and girls being a mom of a daughter. And I think my love for Charlotte has just opened more space in my heart and my brain that I didn’t even know was there.

Clearly Clinton loves motherhood, but her time at home is definitely not getting in the way of her political interests. On Friday, July 18, Clinton spoke at the United Nations as a part of the United Nations Population Fund to discuss the importance of sexual and reproductive rights. In addition, Clinton is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. In May she spoke at the GLAAD Media Awards about the increased visibility of LGBTQ+ representation in media, but also the obstacles members of this community still face in today's society.

The Clintons have defined themselves as a political force, so Jasper is going to be surrounded by some very influential people. After all, not only is his grandfather a former President of the United States, but his grandmother is a former Secretary of State and formidable 2016 presidential candidate. Judging by his family tree, baby boy Jasper will have some big shoes to fill.

For the time being, Clinton will probably have her hands full taking care of the latest addition to her family. Good luck, and godspeed with the diapers!

Disclosure: Chelsea Clinton's husband Marc Mezvinsky joined Social Capital, an investor in Bustle Digital Group, in mid 2017 and joined the Board of Bustle Digital Group in early 2018.