Charli D'Amelio's Response To Claims Dixie "Faked Seizures" Is On Point

Charli Shut Down Haters Spreading Rumors Dixie "Faked Seizures" In School

Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

When you achieve huge success, you're bound to gain new fans, but unfortunately, it also means you'll likely attract a few haters along the way. Dixie D'Amelio experienced this firsthand when trolls began gossiping about her personal life. After hearing what people had to say, Charli D'Amelio stepped in to defend her sister against malicious rumors. Charli D'Amelio's response to claims Dixie "faked seizures" in school is so important because it brings attention to the importance of privacy.

It all started on Aug. 17 when an anonymous Twitter account known as "Def Noodles" shared supposed screenshots of a conversation with someone who claimed they went to Dixie’s school.

"From what I've heard, [Dixie] would randomly fake a seizure in the middle of class and after a while, my teacher and people caught onto it," the person wrote. "Faking seizures just to leave class is extreme in my opinion and is really offensive to the people who suffer from seizures and can't control when it happens. It gave me a bad impression of her."

The same day the rumors spread, Dixie went on Instagram Live to deny the accusations. She said during her sophomore year of high school, she developed anxiety, which led to psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation describes PNES as "a common seizure disorder caused by psychological factors rather than epilepsy."

Dixie explained she would get hospitalized and be on bed rest for as long as five months, and due to her PNES, she transferred schools. "I was not myself, because I had so much anxiety and everything going through my brain at the time where I couldn’t even have a proper conversation with anyone," Dixie said.

On Aug. 18, paparazzi approached Charli in West Hollywood and asked her about the rumors. The 16-year-old star wasn't pleased with people questioning her sister's personal life, especially when the claims were untrue.

"It’s definitely something that should not be talked about on the internet because that’s her personal medical record and no one else has any place to say anything," Charli said. "I feel like that’s not something that people need to talk about because it was definitely something that was hard for her to actually deal with and the fact that people were saying she was faking was not OK."

Hear what Charli had to say below.