Kate Middleton's Mom Reveals What It's Really Like To Have Royal Family Members

by Candice Jalili
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I've spent a lot of time thinking about what it would be like for me if I became famous. That being said, I haven't invested a lot of time into thinking about what it would be like for my parents. Now, needless to say, I'm realistically not going to be famous any time soon, so this isn't an issue my parents need to worry about, but Carole Middleton's quotes about Kate marrying into the royal family have me thinking about the whole fame thing in a whole new light.

Carole rarely gives interviews, but she just recently go very real on what it's like to have your daughter marry, you know, the future king of England or, in Pippa's case, a billionaire.

In an especially candid moment, she admitted that she worried having her daughters marrying such high-profile men would weaken their close relationships with her. "My biggest fear [as Pippa and Meghan grew up] was that I’d lose my family, but we’ve stayed close," she told The Telegraph. In reality, she noted that her sons-in-law have actually made her family better. "I have two lovely sons-in-law and... I hope I’ll have a lovely daughter-in-law," she added.

Oh yeah, in case you forgot: Kate and Pippa have a brother named James who hasn't gotten married yet. So... line up ladies.

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Even with all of her newfound attention after Kate married Prince William, Carole is still trying her best to maintain a level of normalcy in her own life by focusing on work and her family. "I have two other children and grandchildren and my job, and I lead a lot of my life round here, where I’ve lived for years and people knew me before Catherine’s… impact. It isn’t normal maybe to go to Louis’ christening or Catherine’s wedding, but, in the end, they’re all family events," she explained to The Telegraph.

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And let's make one thing clear. Carole wasn't just any old guest at Kate's royal wedding or Pippa's beautiful over-the-top ceremony. She was also super involved in the planning process. "We talked about music…everything," she continued to The Telegraph. "I was involved lots with both Pip’s and Catherine’s weddings."

I mean, let's face it. It's really hard to think of any way in which the royal family or anyone even remotely related to them could share anything at all in common with the average person. But it's interesting to take a look at things through Carole's eyes. Despite the specific traditions that royal weddings require, Carole still was able to participate in planning her daughter's wedding, the way that so many moms dream of.

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The catch? Well, instead of holding the wedding at the local town reception hall and paying a college film major $20 an hour to capture the event on camera, Carole's daughter's wedding just so happened to be televised live with millions of adorning fans watching across the globe. Not so shabby. According to Carole, despite the fanfare, it's just another family event.