Cardi B Had 37 People Over For Thanksgiving Dinner & Her Fans Are Pissed

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thanksgiving 2020 has come and gone, but not without some celeb drama surrounding safety protocols amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people, celebrities included, celebrated quietly at home this year in hopes of helping stop the spread of the virus, but Cardi B was not one of those people. After bragging about her big plans for the holiday, Cardi B's response to backlash over her big Thanksgiving dinner missed the major point.

On Sunday, Nov. 29, Cardi ended Thanksgiving weekend by sharing how happy she was to have hosted a large gathering at her home for the holiday, seemingly not thinking about how some of her 15.3 million followers might react to her decision. "12 kids and 25 adults over the holidays. It was lit !!" she tweeted, which quickly sparked a lot of backlash.

Many people dragged Cardi for bragging about her carelessness (large gatherings have been banned to prevent spreading coronavirus), others shared stories about how they would have loved to see their family but chose health and safety, while others defended the rapper by basically saying it's her family and her choice. The backlash clearly jumped out at Cardi who rushed to issue a statement about the pre-Thanksgiving testing she and her family took.

In response to one since-deleted tweet, Cardi wrote: "Sorry my bad wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad.I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good & uplifted me .I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it.I wasnt trying to offend no1."

"People be trying tooo hard to be offended," Cardi later tweeted. "I wonder how they survive the real world."

Her tweets definitely had fans split. Some still responded saying she wasn't understanding the bigger picture, which is that the virus is serious and needs to be treated that way, while others were all for Cardi getting her family tested and enjoying Thanksgiving with them.

Some things are just better off unsaid on Twitter.