Here's What To Know About If Your Dog Can Join You At The Women's March

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The third annual Women's March is set to take place in Washington D.C. this weekend. The event, which had it's initial kickoff walk one day after President Trump's inauguration in January 2017, is a worldwide female-led movement that's goal is to inform and encourage women to become involved in politics and social change. If you are planning to participate in the upcoming march throughout the nation's capital, you might be wondering, "Can I bring a dog to the 2019 Women's March?" Here's what you need to know.

Many pet owners, myself included, look at our four-legged friends like any other member of the family. So, if you live in the D.C. area or are traveling to the region to march, you might be mulling over the idea of including your dog in a unique experience. This year, the 2019 Women's March takes place on Saturday, Jan. 19. I spent some time combing through the official Women's March 2019 website and I am happy to report that there is no indication that you need to leave your dog at home. Yep, that's right: It appears that you can bring your dog to the 2019 Women's March in Washington D.C. Elite Daily reached out to the Women's March to inquire whether attendees are allowed to bring dogs with them, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

You can see that attendees even brought their pups to the 2018 Women's March and the photos are so adorable. See? Dogs can get political, too, and it's amazing.

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Now, as a pet owner myself, I'd like to point out that you go out of your way to prepare appropriately. Thousands of people are expected to turn out for the event, so you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable. If your dog doesn't like large crowds of people, it's probably best to leave your furry friend at home and fill them in on the fun later. If you do plan to bring your dog, make sure you have a comfortable collar or harness and corresponding leash. Oh, and make sure your dog' identification tags are up to date with your name and phone number, as well as a current rabies tag (just in case).

And, like any courteous pet owner, grab a few extra bags so you can clean after your dog (inevitably) goes to the bathroom during the march. It's going to be a long, but worth it, day for you and your dog. To keep up the pace, consider packing a few treats for your dog and a portable water bowl to help your pooch stay hydrated throughout the walk.

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Now that you've got the essentials figured out, you might as well dress your dog up for the Women's March. I recommend browsing Etsy and Amazon (definitely the latter option for fast shipping). If you don't see anything you like, a generic Google search should turn up a few good deals. If you don't have time to order anything before the Jan. 19 Women's March, you can always make a sign for your dog to wear.

There are hundreds of other women's marches set to take place in cities across the U.S. on Saturday. If you don't live in D.C. but are still planning to participate in your town's march, check to make sure it's OK that you bring your dog. You don't want to arrive with your best pal in tow just to find out the dog isn't allowed to be there.