Camille Hyde Dishes 'Katy Keene' Secrets You'll Love

Shanelle Infante/Elite Daily

Have you ever stumbled upon a photo of a celebrity and immediately wondered what they were thinking in that very moment? In Elite Daily’s series, I Can Explain…, we’re asking celebrities to revisit their most memorable photos and tell us exactly what was going on in their heads. Whether they open up about an iconic look or a hilarious red carpet incident, we’re traveling back in time to find out what really went down.

Camille Hyde likes to troll her new Katy Keene castmates, but don't take that the wrong way. "If I'm not being mean, I probably don't like you," she jokes when I show her a photo of the cast laughing in that saccharine, someone-told-us-to-act-natural kind of way. Though her first instinct is to clown everyone, instead, she reveals what they're like IRL. Camille Hyde's secrets about the Katy Keene cast show exactly why their chemistry sizzles on screen.

Hyde, who plays Alexandra Cabot on CW's latest Archie universe series, says Jonny Beauchamp was one of the first people she met before the show's cast was even finalized. They met at a screen test (he was testing for his future role of Jorge Lopez), and spent their time waiting to be seen cracking jokes, rapping, and dancing. Hyde also reveals Beauchamp definitely "said something naughty" to get everyone laughing during the cast's first real photo shoot as a complete cast.

The playful look Hyde's sharing with Ashleigh Murray (who plays Josie McCoy) in the same photo is a better reflection of their real-life feelings for each other than their onscreen counterparts' relationship. "There’s a lot of jealousy and protectiveness, because my [character's] twin brother discovers Josie [singing] in the park," she shares.

Trust Hyde when she says the Cabot twins have a complicated dynamic. Both high-ranking execs and heirs to Cabot Entertainment, they butt heads over the future of their company. Alexandra's "free-spirited" twin Alexander (played by Lucien Laviscount) sees Josie as the face of their dead record label's relaunch, while the more practical Alexandra sees her as a threat trying to take advantage of her brother.

While Alexandra may come off like the villain in Josie and Alexander's story, Hyde says don't let first impressions fool you. "She’s not a character that you watch and are like, 'Oh I can relate to her and I love her,' but she is one of the main characters that you learn to love and empathize with as the story progresses," she says. "You start to learn why she is the way she is. Having that kind of depth to her is what made me really drawn to her."

You can catch Hyde's storyline play out on Katy Keene, airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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