Camila Admits It’s “Not Just Happy Blissful Moments” With Shawn

by Candice Jalili
Kevin Mazur/AMA2019/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Relationships aren't all sunshine and rainbows. Case in point: Camilla Cabello’s quote about difficult moments in relationship with Shawn Mendes. The former Fifth Harmony star got refreshingly honest in the caption of a Nov. 29 Instagram post.

"I’ve learned a lot about love with this guy. It’s not just the happy blissful moments you see in pictures and videos- When you’re in a relationship with someone, it feels like they are this mirror reflecting yourself back to you- I constantly have to confront my fears, my anxieties, my insecurities, my patterns of thinking, my beliefs about life and about myself," she wrote alongside a picture of her and Mendes kissing by the ocean.

"It’s not as simple as it looks in pictures sometimes. sometimes, it’s messy and uncomfortable and ugly lol," she continued. "But there’s nothing like the pull, the FORCE that is love, to be the light in the darkness- to be the gravitational pull that gives you the relentless strength to be braver, wiser, and better than you were yesterday. It’s so instinctive for us to love, even if our minds try to protect us from it sometimes, but our nature as humans is to love. And to be in love means to choose that person over and over again, to go through the messy stuff with. And that’s way more beautiful and raw and real than perfection."

She concluded, "I’m all for being vulnerable on social media because I think only the neatness and perfection of life is shown on here; and that can make us all feel extra lonely and weird! So raise your glass to the messiness and weirdness of being human and the miracle. And the easiness. And the instinct. And the relentless force that is love."

Mendes recently opened up about how his relationship with Cabello has helped him overcome his own need for perfection, specifically in the physical sense. "Some days I would have three hours of sleep, [because] I’d get up two hours early just to be able to work out," he told British GQ, adding that he thought, "If you don’t work out, you’re going to lose fans."

But Cabello provided him with a new outlook. "[She's] so strong, so clear and confident with her [body] and so articulate and empathetic about other people’s," he shared. "It really changed my view of mine. It really changed my life."

Happy these two are able to learn and grow together!