Burger King’s Valentine’s Day 2020 deals include a free Whopper in exchange for a photo of your ex.

BK Is Giving Out Free Whoppers On Valentine's Day To Help You Get Over Your Ex

Courtesy of Burger King

There's never been a better time than the holiday of love to put those memories of your ex behind you once and for all, and Burger King is giving you a tasty reason to do so. Burger King’s Valentine’s Day 2020 deals include the best incentive to get rid of any lingering feelings about your ex, courtesy of a free Whopper. Whether you're still dealing with the heartbreak of a breakup or have some mementos from a past S.O. that you've been wanting to get rid of, here's why you'll want to head to your local BK on Feb. 14.

On Valentine's Day, Friday, Feb. 14, Burger King is inviting customers from in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to head to storefronts and treat themselves to a free Whopper. The deal? You'll need to bring a printed photo of your ex to drop it off at the special Birds of Prey-inspired "breakup boxes" that'll be hanging out at BK locations, and voila, you'll walk away with a flame-grilled burger topped with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and crunchy pickles while leaving those memories of your ex behind. While Burger King hasn't said what exactly it plans to do with said photos, I'm all for the symbolic act of saying "thank you, next" to a former flame.

If you've deleted all your photos of your ex and you just can't bring yourself to stalk his or her Instagram, you're in luck if you happen to live in the Big Apple. Instead of a photo, New York City dwellers can also choose to bring letters, a "specified piece of clothing," or stuffed animals to get in on the free Whopper deal.

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For those who don't live in one of these cities, Burger King is still helping single and boo'd up fans alike get in on the self-love vibes of the holiday. On Valentine's Day, you can pull up your BK app and take a quiz which will feature five different questions. If you're able to answer four out of these five questions correctly, you'll score a chance to get a Whopper for only $3.

Again, these deals are only available on Feb. 14, so I'd hunt down a photo of your ex and get ready to put that chapter behind you with a free Whopper in hand come Valentine's Day.