BTS' RM's Hair Evolution Is So Fun To Follow From Start To Finish

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I'm not afraid to say it: I'm RM-biased. I think the BTS leader one cool guy, and it's a blast to watch as he and his fellow bandmates continue to evolve into one of the largest groups of all time. While BTS has been on the scene since 2013, they've only recently started working their way into the mainstream United States music industry, and they've brought some sick hairstyles with them. Whether you're dipping your toes into the ARMY pond or consider yourself a BTS die-hard, I thought it'd be fun to review BTS' RM's hair evolution. (Everyone deserves a little break from work/studying/life every now and then, right?)

Here is the truth: The man can pull off anything. Long hair, short hair, no hair, hats, sunglasses used as headbands, gel, natural, wet, buzzed — you name it, you've seen it, RM can rep it. Like with any major celebrity, fans will usually find themselves tied to one particular look. This makes things fun for the idol. He knows he can go and try new stuff out, and if he ever gets tired or bored of his look, he has a whole arsenal full of exciting options he knows his fans already adore.

Let's take a walk back, shall we?

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