BTS' RM's Hair Evolution Is So Fun To Follow From Start To Finish

By Jamie LeeLo

I'm not afraid to say it: I'm RM-biased. I think the BTS leader one cool guy, and it's a blast to watch as he and his fellow bandmates continue to evolve into one of the largest groups of all time. While BTS has been on the scene since 2013, they've only recently started working their way into the mainstream United States music industry, and they've brought some sick hairstyles with them. Whether you're dipping your toes into the ARMY pond or consider yourself a BTS die-hard, I thought it'd be fun to review BTS' RM's hair evolution. (Everyone deserves a little break from work/studying/life every now and then, right?)

Here is the truth: The man can pull off anything. Long hair, short hair, no hair, hats, sunglasses used as headbands, gel, natural, wet, buzzed — you name it, you've seen it, RM can rep it. Like with any major celebrity, fans will usually find themselves tied to one particular look. This makes things fun for the idol. He knows he can go and try new stuff out, and if he ever gets tired or bored of his look, he has a whole arsenal full of exciting options he knows his fans already adore.

Let's take a walk back, shall we?

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Entertainment — BTS' RM's Hair Evolution Is So Fun To Follow From Start To Finish
by Jamie LeeLo

June 2013: Black Mohawk

Oh man. RM came out swinging. His stead-fast mohawk and extreme fade helped him make his kick-ass debut in BTS' music video "No More Dream."

July 2013: Sideburn Details

OK, OK. You caught me. He rocked these unique sideburn lines in "No More Dream," too, but you can really see them with this screenshot from the next music video, "We Are Bullet Proof."

November 2014: Cotton Candy Pink

Within the first year of BTS fame, RM jumped from one extreme to the other. He swapped out his stiff black mohawk for a piecey textured pink masterpiece. In this photo, it's sending off a touch of lavender vibes, too.

December 2014: Fire Engine Red

It wasn't long before RM dialed up the color by a lot. Sure enough, the cotton candy pink easily transformed into this bright red edgy look. It's serving me, like, Phoenix wings... right?

June 2015: Golden Yellow

By 2015, RM was back to experimenting with both color and cut. This look might actually be one stop on the way to platinum, as that yellow beach hair is usually a tell-tale sign that bleaching is underway.

September 2015: Swooped Side-part

Here, it looks like RM's platinum locks might have had a tinged toner thrown on top, taking away some of the white *pop* and adding a bit of a shadow.

October 2015: Chilly Grey

Honestly, I love this cool-toned shade on the BTS' leader! Any young person that can pull of grey is badass AF. It's just the truth.

February 2016: Bubblegum Chic

Not to be confused with the previous cotton candy pink! This color has a brighter, more "alive" feel, somewhere in between pink and actual white. (The pink fluffy neck accessory really accentuates it, too, don't ya think?)

March 2016: Smooth Brown Bangs

In this shot, RM decided to go with a style change in addition to a color change. He opted to brush the length on top of his head forward, giving him some blunt bangs.

May 2016: Chilled-out top cut

Well, those bangs didn't last long. An idol can't be bothered with his hair flying around in his face! Here, RM threw in some styling gel to keep his icy locks up, back, and away.

May 2017: Fluffy Auburn

In my non-professional, but intense, experience in hair dye, it looks like RM was in the middle of a transition at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. His hair was growing in on its sides and the tips of his auburn hue look like they might have been bright red not too long ago.

Mid-December 2017: Natural Flow

In 2017, RM snapped this pic showing off a much more natural look. Both the color and style weren't as attention-grabbing as some of his other bold moves.

Late-December 2017: Ashy Blonde

Naturally, it's never too long before he goes back to trusty blonde. Rather than a yellow-bleached look, here, RM is showed off an ashy blonde.

May 2018: Volume

To be clear, it is hard to know when exactly this music video was shot. What I do know is that it was released in May 2018, and it involved RM with some extreme volume, y'all.

May 2018: Warm Brown Center Part

I've said this once and I'll say it a hundred times: If you really want to throw people off, try a center part. RM proved me right with this bold cut at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

November 2018: Cool Neutral

This picture looks like RM might have been giving his hair some TLC and a break from bleaches and dye! Nothing a few weeks of a good deep conditioner can't fix.

Mid-December 2018: Purple Tips

See what I mean about transition? RM looks like he could have been in process of dying his hair in this picture, but based on my context clues, it looks like he's on an airplane. Perhaps he was processing mid-flight?

New Years 2018-2019: Dark Grey

Again, I'm not expert, but I bet this cool undertone is thanks to his brighter purple hair dye fading after a few washes.

January 2019: Silver

Ugh, I love a metallic. I especially love it on my main man, who rocked the look at the Seoul Music Awards!

February 2019: Greyish Aqua?

Admittedly, I don't know what was happening here. Guys, help me. Do you see grey, blue, or green? Depending on how quickly I blink my eyes, I see all three!

April 2019: Platinum Shag

Yet again, RM hit us with an oldie but goodie. I think this light color makes him stand out. (Not in a "steal his bandmates' shine" kind of way. Just in a "Look! There goes RM!" kind of way!)

May 2019: Cropped and Natural

I must admit, I do think the shorter side length shows off that earring like whoa.

July 2019: Warm Fade

Here we are again on a potential airplane going through what appears to be a transition. This time, it wasn't from dying his hair all over again, but from his most recent black dye job fading.

August 2019: Black

At the time of publication, RM popped up on Twitter with a brand new black dye job that was so shiney, it looked navy blue when the light shined on it. In two words: I love.

Whatever you decide to rock next, RM, ARMYs know will be worth it.