BTS' New "Love Myself" Video Sends A Message That'll Make You Emotional


BTS really means it when they say they want you to love yourself — but they also want you to love others. July 30 marks the UN's International Day of Friendship, and BTS teamed up with UNICEF to make a special song and video for the occasion. BTS' "Love Myself" campaign video for UNICEF has, unsurprisingly, a hella positive message for all those watching.

The video shows several different storylines of teens being bullied, and the private moments where they try and cope with it. The content of the video cuts between these scenes and scenes of RM, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, V, Suga, and Jungkook in some kind of minimalist room with a bright, white light coming out of a pool of water on the floor. The guys are walking toward the light like moths to a flame in the beginning of the video, looking curious and intrigued, and perhaps a little concerned. Then it cuts to the first bullying scene.

Several different teens are shown being chased and roughed up by bullies. Then it shows the two bullied boys crying before it cuts back to BTS. The shot shows BTS heartthrob Jimin running his hand through the water, then getting a closeup shot on his face (because even UNICEF knows what the BTS ARMY wants). Then the video shows RM (the group's leader) pulling the light source out of the water. It's grey and marble-like, with the bright, white light inside. The video then shows new teens crying as they try and cope with whatever hardship they're going through.

Jungkook runs the sleeve of his sweater over the top of the light structure, wiping away the water droplets on its face as if wiping away tears. Then all of the teens in the video are shown putting on their headphones, to hear Jungkook's angelic voice sing the bridge of BTS' self-love anthem "Love Yourself." The message seems to be that music helps people through tough times.

Then, after a storm hits the outside world of the teens and BTS' grey room, BTS' "Answer: Love Myself" single plays at full volume.

That bright, white light starts appearing in the chests of the struggling teens and people come to help the bullied teens and smiles spread across their faces as the group sings (in English),

You showed me I have reasons I should love myself (I'm learning how to love myself)

The song inspires all the teens to love themselves, and their moods are changed from sad and lonely to happy and dancing, the light shining through them the whole time, in a pretty clear metaphor. BTS is gathered around the grey marble light source, smiling at the object as if it's allowing them to see all these teens' journeys.

"Choose respect. Choose support. Choose kindness," shows up on the screen after the last shot of BTS is shown, then a two-part list appears.

"1. Brighten someone's day with a kind note — online or IRL; 2. Share the note using #ENDViolence," the message on the screen reads.

The UNICEF campaign, according to the organization's statement debuting the video, is geared toward putting a stop to violence in schools and fostering school communities that make students feel loved and supported instead of fearful of bullying.

“Our LOVE MYSELF campaign is all about encouraging every young person to find the love from within themselves and spreading that love to others,” BTS said in the announcement. “We want everyone to take part in ending violence by sharing love and kindness."

This new video from BTS and UNICEF was created as part of the group's ongoing LOVE MYSELF campaign. 10/10 for the wholesome video, guys!