BTS' Jin and Jungkook share a special moment together at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Here's What Jungkook & Jin's Body Language Reveals About Their Complex Dynamic

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It's special enough having one person to call your best friend, but having six best friends is truly something remarkable and worth cherishing. BTS' RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V have tight-knit friendships everyone aspires to, and they never take each other for granted, constantly showing appreciation and affection for each other whenever they can. Since BTS' debut in 2013, the ARMY has watched the guys' friendships evolve, and they've only gotten stronger over the years. Jungkook and Jin are a fan-favorite pair, so I thought it would be interesting to ask body language experts Patti Wood and Traci Brown for their input on what BTS' Jungkook and Jin's body language reveals about their unique friendship.

Jin and Jungkook are the oldest and youngest members of BTS, and while some may think their five-year age difference would get in the way of their friendship, it hasn't stopped them from getting super close. In fact, after looking through photos of the pair, Wood and Brown conclude age really is just a number when it comes to Jin and Jungkook's tight bond. Here's everything Wood and Brown have to say about their friendship.

1. Jin and Jungkook protect each other.

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Jin and Jungkook had an intimate moment together while accepting their award for Top Duo/Group at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on May 1. "It looks to me like [Jungkook's] checking for Jin's reaction," body language expert Traci Brown tells Elite Daily. "Pulling someone in like that from behind can be a sign of control. He may be playing the protector here."

Body language expert Patti Wood likened Jungkook's attachment to Jin's back to "a child in a backpack," although she interpreted Jin as the protector here, not Jungkook. "[Jungkook's] comfort having the vulnerable front of his body up against Jin’s back shows their closeness. He depends on Jin to be there for him and protect him," Wood explains.

2. They let each other shine.

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Brown initially thought Jungkook was in control of the situation as the one initiating interaction with Jin on stage at the BBMAs, but a moment later, Brown thinks Jungkook "let go of some of the control."

Wood agrees they switched roles, with Jin now taking control of the interaction. Instead of moving away from Jungkook, Jin pulled him closer, which Wood interprets as making sure Jungkook feels involved with everyone else. "We see them sharing the moment with the group and here. Jin is leaning toward the front and center, pushing Jungkook forward a bit slightly to shine and be included," Wood explains.

3. They may put up a tough front sometimes, but they're actually super affectionate.

"[Jungkook's arm around Jin's neck] is a total 'bro' move, wanting to be affectionate, but tough at the same time," Brown says of BTS' group photo following their July 6 concert in Osaka, Japan.

She thinks Jungkook's arm around Jin's neck is an interesting way to show affection, since, generally speaking, it's "not the most tender way to do things," but for Jin and Jungkook, a little bit of playful rough-housing is just another sign of how comfortable they are with each other.

4. Like brothers, they sometimes playfully mess around with each other.

Usually, one touches someone's shoulder, arm, or hand to show affection, but, here, Jin playfully touches Jungkook's face. "Jin is giving that touch is not in the normal location," Wood says about this moment at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards.

It's clear from the photos throughout this post that Jinkook has a lot of fun together on the regs, but just like real brothers, sometimes one brother is just not in the mood. "[Jungkook's] not having it," Wood says about this particular moment. Since Jin and Jungkook tease each other all the time, it could have been Jin's intention to mess around with Jungkook all along (and, if that's the case, it definitely worked).

5. Their dynamic is complex.

While Jungkook was in control of his interactions with Jin in previous photos, in these photos of Jinkook during their final Wings tour stop in 2017, it's the other way around, according to Wood. "[It] looks like Jin is in the driver's seat here," she says. "He's leaning on his friend for support, bringing him in closer."

All in all, Wood and Brown both conclude Jin and Jungkook are super close. So much so, their power dynamic is constantly changing. Sometimes, Jungkook appears to have control of an interaction, while, at other times, it's Jin (though, there's a leader in every relationship, and Jungkook often seems to have the upper-hand in this one, Brown notes).

Considering how much older Jin is than Jungkook, it's a testament to how much he loves and respects the maknae that he seldom plays the "I'm older than you" card in their friendship, and just goes with the flow.

Whatever the case, it's clear these boys haven't let their age difference define their friendship, and that's what makes them so admirable.